AfDB's Strategy for 2013–2022


The African Development Bank’s Strategy for 2013–2022 reflects the aspirations of the entire African  continent. It is firmly rooted in a deep understanding and experience of how far Africa has come in  the last decade, and where it wishes to go to in the next.

Africa has embarked on a process of economic transformation. This process has seen solid and  sustained growth over a decade, but it has been uneven and without a sufficiently firm foundation, and it is not—by any estimation—complete. Read More

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  • The first objective is to achieve growth that is more inclusive.
  • The second objective is to ensure that inclusive growth is sustainable.

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Operational priorities

The Strategy outlines five main channels for the Bank to deliver its work and improve the quality of growth in Africa:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Regional economic integration
  • Private sector development
  • Governance and accountability
  • Skills and technology

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Areas of special emphasis

In implementing its ten-year Strategy, the Bank will pay particular attention to:

  • Fragile states
  • Agriculture and food security
  • Gender.

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Transforming to support transformation

This Strategy reflects Africa’s vision for itself—a vision of transformation that is achievable.

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Ernest Okyere - Ghana 12/10/2014 04:56
Indeed AfDB is positioned as the centre and hub of Africa's much needed development. The 10 years strategic plan is apt and to the point. These are critical well thought developmental strategic plans, which when diligently pursued will yield huge dividends for the liberation of the African continent. Thanks for championing the course of Africa.
Ndonwi Wilfred - Cameroon 21/03/2014 16:56
I am Very glad that Africans are taking steps to change unequal opportunity. Taking our destiny in our own hand can be the very first strategy to emerge with positive transformation as such. It is therefore commendable that these initiatives and programmes be given maximum attention to bring efforts to fruition.

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