Corporate Procurement

The General Services and Procurement Department has been entrusted with the functional authority and responsibility for the Bank's internal procurement. In carrying out this mandate, it commits to obtaining the right goods, works and services for the stated purpose; at the right time, place and cost; in a manner that balances the overall institutional requirements for economy, efficiency, transparency, equal opportunity, accountability and the needs of line management for flexibility and responsiveness to the particular operational circumstances.

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Title Publish Date Deadline Date
Invitation to bid for web filtering, network switches & fiber optic cable acquisition and installation to the parliament of Egypt
14/10/2016 31/10/2016
Request for proposal for supply and installation of backup and storage software to the parliament of egypt
05/10/2016 18/10/2016
Invitation to bid for supply of pcs, network printers, multifunctional printers and servers to the parliament of Egypt
04/10/2016 17/10/2016
Amélioration du logiciel de planification budgétaire – SRAS
09/09/2016 11/10/2016
Service de location ponctuelle et d’installation des besoins d’affaire en infrastructure de conférence (équipements audiovisuels et multimédia) pour les évènements organisés par la banque à Abidjan
02/09/2016 29/09/2016