Current Solicitations

The list contains solicitations for goods, works and services for which open competition is used.While the solicitations are posted in one of the two official languages of the Bank, the prospective bidders from eligible member countries may respond in either English or French.  Any specific questions related to the solicitation should be addressed to the contact information provided in the solicitation document.

The bidders are responsible for checking and downloading any updates, amendments, response to clarifications or any other information related to specific solicitation that they are interested in.

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Title Publish Date Deadline Date

RFP – Rwanda - Provision of security services to African Development Bank’s Rwanda field office premises and staff residences
01/12/2014 15/12/2014
Demande de propositions pour fourniture de service de restauration et de service traiteur pour la banque à l’immeuble CCIA - Abidjan
27/11/2014 08/01/2015
Prestation de services centre d’appel dans le domaine des technologies de l’informatique au profit de la banque africaine de développement
24/11/2014 22/01/2015
Prestations de service de tri, d’inventaire et de numérisation des archives de la Banque
05/11/2014 27/11/2014

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