Current Solicitations

The list contains solicitations for goods, works and services for which open competition is used.While the solicitations are posted in one of the two official languages of the Bank, the prospective bidders from eligible member countries may respond in either English or French.  Any specific questions related to the solicitation should be addressed to the contact information provided in the solicitation document.

The bidders are responsible for checking and downloading any updates, amendments, response to clarifications or any other information related to specific solicitation that they are interested in.

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Title Publish Date Deadline Date
Refurbishment of the Bank’s House in Harare Zimbabwe
15/07/2014 11/08/2014
Fourniture de prestations de service de location d’interprétation et audiovisuel lors de la tenue de conférences, réunions et séminaires à Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
04/06/2014 26/06/2014
Provision of Car Hire Services to the AfDB East Africa Regional Resource Centre, Nairobi - Kenya
20/05/2014 10/06/2014
Prestation de service d'installation de distributeurs automatiques dans les locaux de la BAD à Abidjan - Côte d'Ivoire
20/05/2014 19/06/2014
The Provision of Air Conditioning Equipment Maintenance Services at the AfDB Eastern Africa Resource Centre
20/05/2014 10/06/2014


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