Over 25 Years of Evaluation Heritage

Evaluation at the African Development Bank dates back to 1977; however, the first evaluation unit was not set up until 1980, when a special division was created within the Bank’s Research and Planning Department

A short history of evaluation at the African Development Bank:

  • 1980: First evaluation unit set up
  • 1987: Unit becomes the Operations Evaluation Office, reporting to the President
  • 1993: The Board of Directors assumes oversight of the evaluation function through the General Audit Committee
  • 1995: The Operations Evaluation Office is upgraded to a department
  • 1996: The Operations Evaluation Department is placed under the umbrella of the newly created Committee on Operations and Development Effectiveness
  • 2002: The function of the Operations Evaluation Department is reviewed and a Presidential Directive defining the department’s mandate is issued
  • 2007: The Board of Directors approves the independent evaluation policy and functional responsibilities of the Operations Evaluation Department
  • 2012: OPEV undertakes a self-assessment that forms the basis for a revised Independent Evaluation Policy and a new Independent Evaluation Strategy, and informs the Rolling Work Programme for 2013-2015 
  • 2013: The Independent Evaluation Strategy 2013-2017 is adopted by the Board of Directors, and an update to the rolling Work Programme is presented for 2014-2016
  • 2014: OPEV changes its name from operations evaluation to Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV) to better reflect its independence and its mandate