Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the institution’s supreme organ. It comprises ministers and high level officials of economic and financial institutions in the Bank’s member countries.

  • Each member country is represented on the board by a governor and an alternate subject to reappointment or to the termination of appointment, at any time, by the appointing member country.
  • Governors exercise the voting powers of their countries on the board. Each AfDB member country has an equal number of basic votes in addition to a number of votes proportionate to its paid-in shares.
  • No member country, or a group of countries has veto power; Board decisions are generally made through discussion and consensus rather than through the exercise of voting powers.
  • The governors meet annually to review the implementation of past policy decisions and to deliberate on new policy issues initiated by them or by the institution’s management.
  • Decisions on certain issues concerning the AfDB are reserved for the governors.
  • Among these are the admission of new members, increase in the capital stock, amendments to the institution’s Articles of Agreement and the election of the board of directors and the president.


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