Integrity and Anti-Corruption

The African Development Bank Group views corruption, fraud and other sanctionable practices as highly inimical to the achievement of its mandate. In order to spur sustainable economic development and social progress on the continent, AfDB endorses a multipronged approach to combating these harmful practices. Consequently, IACD uses proactive measures including risk assessments and sensitization programmes to deter sanctionable practices and prevent their occurrence in internal corporate procurement issues and operations financed by the Bank Group.

Elubode Omoboriowo - Nigeria 27/09/2011 13:52
Concerted efforts should always be geared towards eradicating corruption in Africa and the entire world.AFDB is championing a good course and this is highly commendable.
Akinwumi Oladimeji - Nigeria 27/09/2011 07:43
I strongly believed we africans are the solutions to our problems and in the presence of Integrity and positive initiative, we shall soar high as world's giant.
Pr ELY Mustapha - Mauritania 27/06/2011 23:30
As they say: nothing ventured, nothing gained? And in the fight against corruption there is much to gain for our countries.

Excellent initiative. But it's an initiative that should be assessed in its difficulty.

Familiar with the fight against corruption in Africa, I'm sure it's a long-term task. So We wish success to this new department.
Mary santos - Senegal 22/06/2011 05:22
I do agree with the fact that ADB need to set standards in order to measure the impact of the present and future actions. That's a great initiative for us and I hope it will be strengthened by all countries that are members of ADB. Bravo
Luke Theu - Malawi 28/09/2010 12:27
With the global down turn, fraud and corruption are likely going to rise, as financial resources are hard to come by, and businesses are downsizing. ADB has taken the right approach to embark on heavy investment in anti-fraud and corruption mitigation and detection as well as investigation processes. being an anti-fraud expert, i appreciate any organisation that tries to project resources and shareholders value, through trasnparent and clear anti-fraud policies-bravo

Luke Theu-Malawi
bolaji ibrahim - Nigeria 14/09/2010 12:57
Good initiative! We all know the fundamental problem of our continentwhich is CORRUPTION,

Personally I believe any institution that really want to help the future
generation of this continent can’t do more than this. And trust me if other company would
emulate these practice it’s definitely will be the best way to contribute to the advancement of
my people.

Thank you ADB,
Benard Twala - Kenya 25/08/2010 14:53
Congratulations for starting the department. I believe corruption is the biggest threat to development in most countries in Africa. ADB should set the standards.

All the best and thanks for the good work you are doing.

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