Gabon Economic Outlook

  • Economic growth in 2012 was robust, supported externally by improving world prices for oil, manganese and timber, and internally by massive investments undertaken for football’s Africa Cup of Nations 2012. The economy should continue expanding over 2013 and 2014, despite a structural fall in oil production.
  • The country must meet three major challenges: poverty, which affects one citizen in three, the high unemployment rate, standing at 27% of the working population, and the continuing very unequal distribution of income.
  • Local processing of raw materials will increase sharply in the special economic zones currently being set up.

Project Portfolio

Reference Project Status
P-GA-DB0-005 Programme routier - phase 2

Categories: Gabon, Transport

P-GA-D00-001 Programme routier

Categories: Gabon, Transport


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Bureau National du Gabon

Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement
Résidence Saint Georges, Quartier Kalikak
B.P. 4075
Libreville, Gabon

Tél : (241) 1442952 /(241) 1442953
Fax : (241) 1442951

M. Moulay Lahcen Ennahli, Représentant Résident

Department Central Africa Region

Mrs. Marlene KANGA, Director Central Africa Region

African Development Bank Group  
Temporary Relocation Agency (TRA)
15 Avenue du Ghana
P.O.Box 323-1002, Tunis-Belvédère, Tunisia

Phone: (+216) 71102833 / 71102060
Fax: (+216) 71103760


Key Facts

Capital: Libreville
Area: 267,667 sq km
Total Population 2012: 1.6 Million
Urban Population 2012: 86.77%
Female Population 2012: 49.81%
GDP: US$ 19.4 Billion
GNI Per Capita 2012: US$ 7,980
Inflation Rate: 2.70%
Crude Birth Rate (per 1000): 26.99%
Human Development Index (rank / 187): 106
Human Development Index (scale 0 to 1): 0.683
Membership Date: 31/9/1972
Cumulative Approvals (1967-2012): UA 1.4 Billion

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