Comoros Economic Outlook

  • The serious energy crisis in the Comoros which has been going on for several years is handicapping economic activity and resulting in continued moderate growth.
  • The rise in the wages and salary bill and the funding of the legislative, municipal and council elections exacerbated budgetary tensions but the external position remains comfortable with more than 5.6 months’ cover of imports thanks to remittances from emigrants.
  • The Comoros is a small, densely populated archipelago of four islands (although Mayotte has remained under French administration) facing substantial spatial, economic and demographic disparities resulting in significant migrations, which in turn create serious political and social tensions.


East Africa Regional Resource Center (EARC)

African Development Bank Group
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Mr. Gabriel Negatu, RRC Director

Key Facts

Capital: Moroni
Area: 2,000 sq km
Total Population 2015: 0.7 Million
Urban Population 2015: 28.22%
Female Population 2015: 49.62%
GDP: US$ 589.0 Million
GNI Per Capita 2015: US$ 840
Inflation Rate: 2.00%
Crude Birth Rate (per 1000): 35.25%
Human Development Index (rank / 187): 169
Human Development Index (scale 0 to 1): 0.429
Membership Date: 03/05/1976
Cumulative Approvals (1967-2015): UA 111.4 Million

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