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19/07/2004 Tanzania National Agricultural and Livestock Extension Rehabilitation Project - PPER
This is a Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) of the National Agricultural and Livestock Extension Rehabilitation Project (NALERP) in Tanzania. NALERP was conceived by the Government of Tanzania in 1987 at a time when...Read more
20/01/2003 Tunisia - Integrated Rural Development Project Phase II - PPER
11/01/2003 Benin - Structural Adjustment Programmes I, II, III - PPER
Ce rapport évalue la performance des trois programmes d’ajustement structurels ( PAS I, II, et III) mis en œuvre au Bénin entre 1989 et 1999 pour lesquels le FAD a accordé trois prêts de 29,5 millions d’UC qui ont été décaissés...Read more
01/10/2002 Ghana - Cocoa Rehabilitation Project - PPER
This is a Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) of the Ghana Cocoa Rehabilitation Project (CRP). Ghana’s Economic Recovery Program (ERP) of macroeconomic stabilization and structural adjustment was launched in April 1983....Read more
11/06/2002 Ghana - Agricultural Sector Rehabilitation Programme
This is a Programme Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) of the Agriculture Sector Rehabilitation Programme (ASPR) of Ghana. The ASRP was initiated by GOG to complement the stabilization and liberalization policies of the Economy...Read more
27/08/2001 Tunisia - Agricultural Sector Adjustment Programme - PPER
20/02/2001 Malawi - Agrictural Sector Adjustment Programme - PPER
07/02/2001 Kenya - Agricultural Sector Adjustment Operation II - PPER
28/08/2000 Central African Rep - Rural Development Project in the Coffee-Growing Regions of Mbaiki and Berberati - PPER
08/08/2000 Ghana - Second and Third Lines of Credit to AgDB - PPER
19/06/2000 Tunisia - Ghezala-Mateur Mixed Agricultural Development Project - PPER
31/05/2000 Ethiopia - Sidamo-Gamo Gofa Project (PDAR III) - PPER
10/12/1999 Tunisia - Ras Djebel-Galaat Irrigation Development - PPER
02/12/1999 Egypt - El-Beheira Rural Development Project - PPER
11/09/1999 Malawi - The Blantyre-Shire Highlands and Namwere-Mangochi Rural Development Project - PPER
28/12/1998 Senegal - Bush Fire Control and Reafforestation Project in the North Eastern Region - PPER
27/10/1998 Gabon - Rubber Scheme Phase I - PPER
01/09/1998 Botswana: Arable lands development Phase I
This Project Performance Audit Report (PPAR) reviews the Arable Lands Development Programme - Phase I Project of the Government of the Republic of Botswana for which an ADB loan equivalent to UA 7.20 million and an ADF loan...Read more
30/06/1998 Mali: Second Line of Credit Granted to the Banque de Développement du Mali
This project performance audit report (PPAR) concerns the second line of credit granted by the African Development Bank Group through its Nigeria Trust Fund (NTF) window to the Banque de developpement du Mali (BDM) in December...Read more
20/02/1998 Morocco: Lines of Credit II, III, & IV to the Caisse Nationale te Credit Agricole (CNCA)
This performance audit report (PPAR) concerns ADB’s second, third and forth lines of credit to the Caisse Nationale de Credit Agricole (CNCA), amounting to UA 148.52 million. The Bank’s participation fell within the framework of...Read more

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