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08/12/2005 Morocco - FISAP and PDEI Project Performance Evaluation Report
This report was prepared following a FISAP and PDEI performance evaluation mission to Morocco from 11–28 April 2005. It draws on the appraisal and completion reports of these programmes, as well as on (i) information available at...Read more

Categories: Morocco

03/12/1999 Morocco - Consolidation of the 1992 - 94 Structural Adjustment Programme - PPER

Categories: Morocco

20/02/1998 Morocco: Lines of Credit II, III, & IV to the Caisse Nationale te Credit Agricole (CNCA)
This performance audit report (PPAR) concerns ADB’s second, third and forth lines of credit to the Caisse Nationale de Credit Agricole (CNCA), amounting to UA 148.52 million. The Bank’s participation fell within the framework of...Read more
22/10/1997 Morocco: Secondary & Tertiary Roads Rehabilitation & Maintenance Programme (STRRMP)
As part of its policy of protecting the road heritage by adequate maintenance of its roads and their appurtenances and maintaining a balance between the main road network and the secondary and tertiary road networks, the Moroccan...Read more

Categories: Morocco, Transport

07/07/1997 Morocco: Tangiers (El Hachef) Drinking Water Supply Project
The evaluation of the project to provide Tangiers in Morocco with drinking water from the El Hachef dam is the subject of this abridged project performance audit report (PPAR). The borrower identified and prepared the project...Read more
07/12/1995 Morocco: Education Reform Programme
The Programme for reform of Morocco’s educational system was appraised in May 1986. With a total cost of UA 2,227 million, it was partly financed on ADB loan CS/M/EY/86/02 for an amount of UA 60.0 million, which was approved in...Read more

Categories: Morocco, Education

11/12/1991 Morocco: Structural Adjustment Loan

Categories: Morocco

24/10/1988 Morocco: Electricity IV Project
17/03/1987 Morocco: First Line of Credit to the Caisse Nationale de Credit Agricole (CNCA)
In response to a request from the Government of Morocco for financial assistance, the African Development Bank extended in May 1982 an agricultural line of credit of UA l0 million to the Caisse Nationale de Credit Agricole to...Read more
24/10/1983 Morocco: Lines of Credit to the Banque Nationale pour le Developpement Economique (BNDE)
As at 31 December 1981, the African development Bank had committed in the form of loans an overall amount of UA 183.89 million, i.e. 13.8% of the cumulative loans which are divided among 46 lines of credit granted to 25...Read more

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