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26/03/2015 Assessment of the use of “Country Systems” for environmental and social safeguards and their implications for AfDB-financed operations in Africa

Categories: Environment

30/01/2015 Operational Guidelines for the implementation of the Strategy for addressing Fragility and building resilience in Africa and for the Transition Support Facility
06/11/2014 Draft Financial Sector Development Policy and Strategy 2014-2019 – Revised
17/04/2014 Establishment of the Africa Climate Change Fund

Categories: Climate Change

17/04/2014 Regional Operations Selection and Prioritization Framework (Revised Framework)
11/02/2014 Environmental and Social Assessment Procedures for AfDB Public Sector Operations - June 2001

Categories: Environment

08/01/2014 AfDB’S Integrated Safeguards System - Policy Statement and Operational Safeguards
Safeguards are powerful tools that help analysts to identify risk, help to reduce development costs and improve sustainability for projects. Because sustainable development is important to the Bank and its members, especially...Read more

Categories: Environment

04/11/2013 Climate Finance Tracking Guidance Manual - Transport Sector
04/11/2013 Climate Finance Tracking Guidance Manual - Energy Sector
23/10/2013 Climate Finance Tracking Guidance Manual - Water Sector
23/10/2013 Climate Finance Tracking Guidance Manual - Agriculture Sector
23/05/2013 Private Sector Development Policy of the AfDB Group

Categories: Private Sector

03/02/2013 DAI Staff Handbook
28/01/2013 Bank Group Policy on Disclosure and Access to Infomation - In Effect Since 3rd February 2013
06/12/2012 The Bank Group’s Participation in the Middle East and North Africa Transition Fund
22/11/2012 AfDB Group Energy Sector Policy
The Energy Sector Policy of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) provides a general framework for the Bank’s operations in the energy sector. The Policy is still under preparation and has built on the Bank Group’s...Read more
12/10/2012 Framework for Enhanced Engagement with Civil Society Organizations
21/09/2012 Staff Guidance on Project Completion Reporting and Rating
29/08/2012 AfDB Group Energy Sector Policy - Draft
22/08/2012 AfDB Group Energy Sector Policy - Draft - Matrix of Questions & Answers

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