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19/05/2016 Rwanda - Combined 2012-2016 Country Strategy Paper Mid-Term Review with Country Portfolio Performance Review

Categories: Rwanda

11/05/2016 Swaziland - Appraisal Report - Lower Usuthu Smallholders Irrigation Project II

Categories: Swaziland

11/05/2016 AfDB-GEF Annual Report 2015
10/05/2016 AfDB Climate Finance Brochure 2016 - Spearheading change - The AfDB role in financing a climate-smart Africa
03/05/2016 Malawi - Emergency Humanitarian Assistance to Mitigate the Effects of the 2015/2016 Drought

Categories: Malawi

03/05/2016 Cabo Verde - Aide humanitaire d’urgence pour restaurer les moyens d’existence et permettre d’accroître la résilience des ménages affectés par l’éruption volcanique de l’île de Fogo

Categories: Cape Verde

03/05/2016 Gabon - Joint 2016-2020 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) and Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR) Report

Categories: Gabon

25/04/2016 Climate Change Success Stories - Relevant information and community involvement key to helping Burundi adapt to climate change
25/04/2016 Climate Change Success Stories - Adapting Yaounde’s drainage system to improve climate resilience, health and create jobs
25/04/2016 Climate Change Success Stories – Malawi: Community-Based adaptation helps diversify income generating activities to guard against extreme weather conditions in Malawi
14/04/2016 ETHIOPIA - 2016 - 2020 Country Strategy Paper "Promoting Green Economic Transformation

Categories: Ethiopia

14/04/2016 COMOROS - 2016-2020 Country Strategy Paper

Categories: Comoros

07/04/2016 Project Brief – Multinational - ABRAAJ growth markets Health Fund Africa
06/04/2016 Kenya - Appraisal Report - Sirari Corridor Accessibility and Road Safety Improvement Project: Isebania-Kisii-Ahero (A1) Road Rehabilitation

Categories: Kenya, Transport

06/04/2016 Gambia - Appraisal Report - Agriculture Value Chains Development Project
06/04/2016 Madagascar - Appraisal Report - Economic Management Reform Support Programme
23/03/2016 AfDB CIF Annual report 2015
14/03/2016 Djibouti - Country Strategy Paper (CSP) 2016-2020

Categories: Djibouti

26/02/2016 Project Brief – Multinational - ATLANTIC COAST REGIONAL FUND LLC II (ACRF-II)
26/02/2016 Project Brief – Multinational - AFRICINVEST FUND III

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