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17/10/2013 Shale Gas and its Implications for Africa and the African Development Bank
26/09/2013 Power Africa Initiative Brochure
18/09/2013 Sénégal - 2013 - Profil pays - Un aperçu des interventions du Groupe de la BAD
24/05/2013 Rwanda - Energy Sector Review and Action Plan

Categories: Rwanda, Energy & Power

03/09/2012 Taking Stock of Bank Activities in Energy, Environment and Climate Change
10/05/2012 Mali - Renewable Energy - Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities
04/05/2012 Clean Energy Development in Egypt
02/04/2012 Economic Brief - Reforming Energy Subsidies in Egypt
29/11/2011 Technology and Innovation Report 2011 - Powering Development with Renewable Energy Technologies
30/11/2010 Egypt - 2010 - Power Sector in Brief

Categories: Egypt, Energy & Power

08/09/2010 The AfDB and Energy: Meeting the Challenge of Energy Access for All Africans
20/05/2010 Mali - Energy Conservation Development Strategy

Categories: Mali, Energy & Power

10/05/2010 Policy Note - Managing Oil Revenue in Uganda

Categories: Uganda, Energy & Power

02/02/2010 Oil and Gas in Africa

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