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11/08/2014 West Africa Policy Note - Providing Efficient Banking Services in a Fragile Environment
23/07/2014 Multinational: New Rice for Africa (NERICA) Dissemination Project
24/06/2014 Guinea - Economic and Financial Reform Support Programme, Phase II (PAREF II) - Appraisal Report
18/02/2014 Guinea - Education Development Support Project (Education IV) - Project Completion Report

Categories: Guinea, Education

18/02/2014 Capacity Building Progamme for the Supervision of Aviation Safety in West and Central Africa (COSCAP Programme) - Project Completion Report
27/01/2014 Guinea - Instituional Support for the National Water Point Management Service (SNAPE) - Project Study
08/11/2013 Multinational - Côte d’Ivoire-Liberia-Sierra Leone and Guinea Electricity Networks Interconnection Project (CLSG) - Appraisal Report
13/09/2013 Guinea - Conakry Electricity Network Rehabilitation and Extension Project 2 - Appraisal Report
26/08/2013 Guinea - Economic and Financial Reforms Support Programme (PAREF) - Project Completion Report
11/07/2013 Guinea - Economic Planning and Mining Governance Support Project (PAPEGM) - Appraisal Report
10/12/2012 Guinea - Traditional Fishing and Fish-Farming Development Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)
10/12/2012 Guinea - Project to Support to Women’s Economic Activity - Project Completion Report (PCR)

Categories: Guinea, Gender

06/11/2012 Multinational - Nerica Rice Dissemination Project (MNRDP) - Project Completion Report (PCR)
12/10/2012 Multinational - Integrated Management of Invasive Aquatic Weeds in West Africa - Project Completion Report (PCR)
10/09/2012 Guinée - Appui au renforcement des capacités de gestion de la dette, des investissements publics et des organes de contrôle (PADIPOC) - Rapport d'achévement de projet (RAP)
06/03/2012 Senegal-Guinea-Gambia-Guinea Bissau - Natural Resource Development and Management Project /PMVGRN-OMVG - Project Completion Report (PCR)
02/03/2012 2012-2016 - Guinea - Country Strategy Paper

Categories: Guinea

15/02/2012 Guinea - Upper Guinea Rural Developement Support Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)
27/01/2012 Multinational - Project to Reform System and Means of Payment in UEMOA Countries - Project Completion Report (PCR)
27/01/2012 Guinea - Traditional Fishing and Fish-Farming Development Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)

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