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26/08/2016 Working Paper 240 - The Impact of the Real Exchange Rate Changes on Export Performance in Tanzania and Ethiopia

Categories: Ethiopia, Tanzania

26/08/2016 Working Paper 239 - Concept and measure of inclusive health across countries

Categories: Health

09/08/2016 Working Paper 238 - Impact Evaluation in a Landscape: protected natural forests, anthropized forested lands and deforestation leakages in Madagascar’s rainforests
03/08/2016 Africa Economic Brief - The role of road networks in addressing fragility and building resilience
03/08/2016 Africa Economic Brief – Sources of gender productivity differentials in Africa: A cross-country comparison

Categories: Gender

03/08/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Gender equality in agriculture: What are really the benefits for sub-Saharan Africa?
30/06/2016 North Africa - Working paper – Public Investment and Growth in the Maghreb Countries
30/06/2016 North Africa - Working paper – Agricultural Production, Food Security and Higher Value in North Africa
30/06/2016 North Africa - Working paper - Measuring Inclusive Growth: From Theory to Applications in North Africa
23/06/2016 North Africa - Working paper - The Role of Nascent Entrepreneurship in Driving Inclusive Economic Growth in North Africa
23/06/2016 North Africa - Working paper - Procedures for the Direct Targeting of Poverty and Human Development in Morocco

Categories: Morocco

21/06/2016 African Development Report 2015 - Growth, Poverty and Inequality Nexus: Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Development
09/06/2016 The Africa Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI) 2016
07/06/2016 Zimbabwe Country Profile

Categories: Zimbabwe

06/06/2016 Working Paper 237 - Decomposing Sources of Productivity Change in Small-Scale Farming in Ethiopia

Categories: Ethiopia

05/06/2016 Working Paper 236 - Estimating Development Resilience: A Conditional Moments-Based Approach
03/06/2016 North Africa - Working paper - Addressing informality in Egypt

Categories: Egypt

26/05/2016 AfDB and Zambia - Partnering for inclusive growth

Categories: Zambia

25/05/2016 AfDB Annual Report 2015
24/05/2016 Climate Finance Bimonthly Newsletter - Issue N° 36 – March-April 2016