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21/04/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Why Africa Needs Green Bonds
21/04/2016 Working Paper 234 - The Unintended Consequences of Agricultural Input Intensification: Human Health Implications of Agro-chemical use in Sub-Saharan Africa
18/04/2016 Working Paper 233 - Technology Adoption and Risk Exposure among Smallholder Farmers: Panel Data Evidence from Tanzania and Uganda

Categories: Tanzania, Uganda

08/04/2016 North Africa - Working paper - Addressing informality in Egypt

Categories: Egypt

16/03/2016 North Africa - Working paper - From Resource Curse to Rent Curse in the MENA Region
11/03/2016 Climate Finance Bimonthly Newsletter - Issue N° 35 – January-February 2016
23/02/2016 AfDB Projects changing Lives in Egypt
23/02/2016 African Development Bank - Our work in Egypt

Categories: Egypt

19/02/2016 Africa Economic Brief - Why and when to introduce a single currency in ECOWAS
12/02/2016 Working Paper 232 - Remittances and Access to rural credit markets Evidence from Senegal

Categories: Senegal

02/02/2016 Botswana Strategy for the Development of Statistics (BSDS) - 2015 - 2020

Categories: Botswana

29/01/2016 Working Paper 231 - Gender productivity differentials among smallholder farmers in Africa: A cross-country comparison
29/01/2016 Working Paper 230 - Child Labour and Schooling in South Sudan and Sudan: Is There a Gender Preference?
29/01/2016 Working Paper 229 - Structural change, economic growth and poverty reduction – Micro-evidence from Uganda
18/01/2016 Climate Finance Bimonthly Newsletter - Issue N° 34 – COP 21 Special Issue – December 2015
12/01/2016 Africa Economic Brief - The Challenge of Job Creation in Nigeria

Categories: Nigeria, Employment

11/01/2016 Taking AfDB’s development impact to scale in fragile situations
11/01/2016 AfDB GEF Partnership - Catalyzing transformational change through green growth in africa
22/12/2015 West Africa Policy Notes - Note 3, Septembre 2015
18/12/2015 Regional Integration Brief - Tanzania’s seaports and transport corridors as development opportunity for east and southern Africa

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