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26/11/2015 Working paper - Promoting North African Women’s Employment through SMEs
11/11/2015 Working Paper 228 - Overborrowing and Balance of Payments Imbalances in a Monetary Union
04/11/2015 North Africa - Working paper - Fundamentally changing the way we educate students in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
12/08/2015 Working Paper 227 - Public Debt Sustainability in Africa: Building Resilience and Challenges Ahead
12/08/2015 Working Paper 226 - Aid Unpredictability and Economic Growth in Kenya

Categories: Kenya

08/07/2015 Working Paper 225 - Measuring the Impact of Micro-Health Insurance on Healthcare Utilization: A Bayesian Potential Outcomes Approach
08/07/2015 Working Paper 224 - La Sophistication des Exportations des Fruits, Légumes et Dérivés dans l’Espace UEMOA
08/05/2015 Working Paper 223 - Eliminating Extreme Poverty in Africa: Trends, Policies and the Role of International Organizations
29/04/2015 North Africa - Working paper - Does foreign direct investment improve welfare in North African countries?
28/04/2015 Working Paper 222 - Economies of Scale in Gold Mining
21/04/2015 Working Paper 221 - Employment Effects of Multilateral Development Bank Projects The Case of the African Development Bank
09/03/2015 Working Paper - 220 - Developing a Food (in) Security Map for South Africa

Categories: South Africa

09/03/2015 Working Paper - 219 - Impact of the business Environment on Output and Productivity in Africa
19/02/2015 North Africa - Working paper - Trade Volume and Economic Growth in the MENA Region: Goods or Services?
21/01/2015 Working Paper - 218 - Household Energy Demand and the Impact of Energy Prices: Evidence from Senegal

Categories: Senegal, Energy & Power

20/01/2015 Working Paper - 217 - Capital Account Policies, IMF Programs and Growth in Developing Regions
20/01/2015 Working Paper - 216 - Inflation Targeting Monetary Policy, Inflation Volatility and Economic Growth in South Africa

Categories: South Africa

30/12/2014 Working Paper - 215 - A Regional Budget Development Allocation Formula for Tunisia
30/12/2014 Working Paper - 214 - From Productivity to Exporting or Vice Versa Evidence from Tunisian Manufacturing Sector

Categories: Tunisia

30/12/2014 Working Paper - 213 - Disentangling the Pattern of Geographic Concentration in Tunisian Manufacturing Industries

Categories: Tunisia

Working Papers

This series presents research findings on topics relevant to African development policy issues. Submissions for the publication of an Economic Research Working Paper are welcome from all professionals; please see the Information for Contributors for more details.

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