Annual Report

The Bank Group Annual Report 201 is the annual report submitted by the Boards of Directors of the African Development Bank (Bank) and the African Development Fund (Fund) to the Boards of Governors of the Bank and the Fund.

African Economic Outlook

The African Economic Outlook (AEO) Report is an annual publication jointly prepared and published by the AfDB, the OECD Development Center and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

African Statistical Yearbook

The African Statistical Yearbook 2015 is a result of these concerted and coordinated efforts among the three main continental institutions (AfDB, AUC, and UNECA) in their quest to provide users with quality statistical information to inform Africa's development initiatives.

The AfDB Statistics Pocketbook

The AfDB Statistics Pocketbook 2015, presents summary economic and social data on regional member countries and on the operational activities of the African Development Bank Group. Most of the indicators shown are selected from an other Bank publication: Compendium of Statistics on Bank Group Operations, Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries. The AfDB Statistics Pocket Book 2015 was prepared in the Economic and Social Statistics Division of the Statistics Department at the African Development Bank. 

Compendium of Statistics on Bank Group Operations

Compendium of Statistics on Bank Group Operations is an annual publication of the African Development Bank Group, presenting data on operational activities of the Bank Group. Part One gives cross-country statistics on Bank operations and Part Two provides country-specific information on each regional member country of the Bank. The present publication was prepared in the Economic and Social Statistics Division of the Statistics Department.

Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries

This is the sixteenth volume of Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries published by the Statistics Department of the African Development Bank Group. The publication provides some information on the broad development trends relating to gender, poverty and environmental issues in the 53 African countries. Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries 2015 was prepared by the Economic and Social Statistics Division of the Statistics Department.

Africa and Global Economic Trends Quarterly Review

The Statistics Department (ESTA) has just released a new edition of the ‘Quarterly Statistical Brief’. The objective is to provide users with some recent data on the short term trends in the world economy, commodity prices and African economies in general.   

The Bulletin is disseminated every quarter and the next edition is scheduled for release at the end of March 2012.

Africa Competitiveness Report

The Africa Competitiveness Report 2013 indicates that Africa’s growth should be complemented by gains in competitiveness since many African countries are ranked among the least competitive economies in the world. Although there are important disparities across the continent, low levels of regional integration and infrastructure deficit have been identified as the main barriers to improved productivity, economic diversification, private sector development and spatial inclusion. These challenges are particularly prominent in landlocked countries and should be prioritized by Africa’s policy-makers.

African Development Report

Africa’s regional integration has been a key economic and political aspiration since the independence decade of the 1960s – some 50 years ago. It is also an important pillar for the work of the African Development Bank, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary as Africa’s premier development finance institution during 2014. It is thus opportune for the African Development Report 2014 to once again reexamine the imperative of regional integration for Africa’s development: looking at what has changed in terms of argument and facts on the ground in the past half century, and to what extent the pursuit of closer economic and political integration is still relevant for the continent. 

African Statistical Journal

Since November 2005, the Bank publishes bi-annually The African Statistical Journal which is intended to foster improved communication and contact among analysts, policy makers and data producers in Africa. It is established also to serve as a research outlet and information sharing publication among academic and practicing statisticians mainly in Africa. The Journal aims to promote the understanding of statistical development in the African region.

Africa Tourism Monitor

The report presents some of the major opportunities and challenges facing the diversification of the travel and tourism industry in Africa – from generating revenue and creating jobs to attracting new travel and tourism markets; and from developing niche tourism products to sustaining hotel and airline growth; and from leveraging social media to utilizing on-line travel engines.

Capacity Focus

Capacity Focus is a biannual magazine published by the African Development Institute. Its objective is to provide a forum to share opinions, view and insights on various issues pertinent to capacity development in Africa. The articles of the magazine also aim to reinforce the role of the African Development Bank (AfDB) as the leading development enabler on the continent.

Guidelines for Building Statistical Business Registers in Africa

The general objectives of the Guidelines are provide guidance in developing a survey frame to be used as the source of frames for all economic and business surveys, as well as provide (i) a general background to the need for an SBR and the concepts on which it is based (ii) a description of the functions of an SBR (iii) detailed information on SBR development and implementation and (iv) a starting point for harmonization of SBRs across African National Statistical Offices (NSOs).

Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) Report

Africa’s poverty rates have continued to decline, despite the adverse effects of the recent food, fuel, and global economic crisis, according to the 2014 MDG Report, “Assessing Progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Africa”, produced annually by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), the African Union Commission (AUC) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Working Papers

This series presents research findings on topics relevant to African development policy issues. Submissions for the publication of an Economic Research Working Paper are welcome from all professionals; please see the Information for Contributors for more details.

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