African Development Report 2007

African Development Report is an annual publication prepared by the Research Department and has become an important source of analysis and information on developments in Africa. Each year, the Report provides an update on key macroeconomic and sectoral developments and provides an in-depth analysis of an important development topic critical for Africa’s development prospects.

Briefing Note on Revenue and Tax Levels: Mineral Taxation in Africa

The African Development Bank is taking a lead role in assisting RMCs in all the critical issues for a successful utilization of the Natural Resource Wealth. Several activities, including the setting up of a cross-departmental Extractive Industries (EI) Working Group and the commissioning of a study on legal aspects (contracts, vulture funds etc.) are on-going within the Bank. The AfDB Research Department is following up on all relevant issues, with a key focus on the areas that require further analytical work. One area identified for immediate further detailed analysis is the belief that many African countries appear to get less rents from their extractable natural resources than many other countries in the world. This note is a preliminary analysis for this purpose.


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