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31/05/2016 - The African Development Bank and the Government of the Republic of Malawi signed a grant agreement for a humanitarian emergency assistance to mitigate the effects of the 2015 floods and El Niño in 2016. The signing ceremony was hosted by Kapil Kapoor, AfDB Acting Vice-President, Sector Operations, during the institution’s Annual Meetings held in Lusaka, Zambia.

Categories: Malawi, Climate Change, Environment, Human Capital Development, Water Supply & Sanitation, Food Production

31/05/2016 - The African Development Bank Group is hosting the 7th Debt Management Facility (DMF) Stakeholders’ Forum on May 30-31, 2016 in Lusaka, Zambia, on the heels of the Bank’s 2016 Annual Meetings.

Categories: Zambia, Economic & Financial Governance, Partnerships

28/05/2016 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) has challenged Africa to take the lead in implementing strategies to effectively end carbon emissions in the global process of manufacturing goods.

Categories: Zambia, Climate Change, Energy & Power, Environment, Partnerships, COP21, Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL)

28/05/2016 - Three international firms have partnered to help address infrastructure challenges in Africa through investments in equity projects.

The firms, General Electric Africa (GE), Mara Group and Atlas Merchant Capital, will invest in infrastructure projects including energy, rail, among others, in a quest to stimulate the continent’s economic potential through infrastructure development.

Categories: Zambia, Energy & Power, Private Sector, Infrastructure, Partnerships

28/05/2016 - African governments have been called upon to consider shifting policy in the energy sector by investing in industrialisation and providing subsidies on electricity for people in rural areas who are extremely poor.

Categories: Zambia, Energy & Power, Private Sector, Partnerships, Human Capital Development, Environment

28/05/2016 - The African Development Bank has reaffirmed its commitment to mobilize resources to help African countries adopt and mitigate climate change.

This commitment underpins its 2013-2022 Strategy promoting inclusive and green growth in Africa. Almost US $7 billion has been committed to projects in support of climate resilient and low-carbon development in the past four years.

Categories: France, Namibia, Morocco, Zambia, Energy & Power, Environment, Climate Change, COP21, Partnerships

28/05/2016 - African Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have announced, in a joint statement, that they will closely work with and support the African Development Bank in delivering the 'High Five' agenda unveiled by President Akinwumi Adesina at the 2016 Annual Meetings in Lusaka.

Categories: Zambia, Partnerships, Human Capital Development, Energy & Power, Employment, Youth, Agriculture & Agro-industries, President's Corner

28/05/2016 - The challenges facing Africa shouldn’t be recognized with pessimism, but must be seen as investment opportunities, says the Head of the Africa Development Bank’s (AfDB) External Representative Office for Asia, Tadashi Yokoyama.

Categories: Zambia, Japan, Human Capital Development, Partnerships, Private Sector

27/05/2016 - With almost 200 million people between the ages of 15 and 24, the African continent boasts the youngest population in the world. By 2045, that figure is expected to double.

Categories: Zambia, Youth, Employment, Private Sector, Partnerships, Education, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Information & Communication Technology, President's Corner

27/05/2016 - More African countries should sign-up to the ‘Partnership on Illicit Finance’ (PIF), an initiative formed in July 2014 during the US-Africa leaders’ summit. That was the call made Thursday by Marisa Lago, Assistant Secretary for International Markets and Development in the US Treasury, while speaking as a panelist in a session at the ongoing African Development Bank Annual Meetings in Lusaka.

Categories: United States of America, Zambia, Economic & Financial Governance, African Legal Support Facility, African Natural Resources Center (ANRC), Partnerships, President's Corner

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