AfDB Organises the First Africa Forum on Science Technology and Innovations (STI), for Youth Employment, Human Capital Development and Inclusive Growth

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From: 01/04/2012
To: 03/04/2012
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

The first Africa forum on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) being held in Nairobi, Kenya on April 1-3. The forum is hosted the Kenyan government and organized by the African Development Bank (AfDB), African Union (AU), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA).

The forum is hosted by the Kenyan Government, through the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology.

Why this forum?

STI is a key component of sustainable growth and development of a country. The capacity of African countries to compete in the global market depends more and more on their ability to innovate and apply the relevant technology to industries and productive sectors. Investments in STI and the integration of STI into education, economic and industrial policies can increase global market competitiveness, create employment and increase productivity.

Decision-makers face the challenge of developing and implementing STI policies and the quality of their decision-making is largely contingent on the work done by experts. It is therefore important to create a platform that brings together decision-makers and experts. The vision of the forum is to facilitate the sharing of experiences and analysis of best practices in strengthening STI mechanisms, designing policy measures for the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship, youth employment, harnessing the role of innovation in the informal sector, and increasing the participation of women and youth in STI.


Through this regional forum of exchange of knowledge and ideas in STI we hope to achieve the following:

  • Take stock of progress made by countries and share experiences  of developing and implementing STI policies;
  • Present existing knowledge on best practices in promoting STI for inclusive growth and social development in Africa;
  • Support African countries by  providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas on STI, bringing together key stakeholders and experts in the field to present latest research and programs;
  • Create an Africa focused global network of development innovators and problem solvers;
  • Reinforce North-South and South-South collaborations in STI;
  • Strengthen public-private partnerships between governments, industry and technology companies;
  • Foster regional cooperation on STI among higher education institutions to cater to an increasingly demand-driven education system;

Main issues to discuss (for more details download the agenda)

  • Problem 1: What can Africa do to meet the demand for quality STEM education in Higher Education Institutions ? 
  • Problem 2:  How can we ensure that STEM graduates have the skills required by prospective private (and public) sector employees? How have Asia and Latin American countries tackled these issues?
  • Problem 3:  Many African research centers are trapped in a vicious circle in which low funding levels lead to low quality research with low social and economic relevance.  How can a new deal for African R&D provide increased funding for African science in exchange for enhanced quality and relevance?  How can inter-disciplinary Pan-African and international partnerships support this process without diluting the focus on Africa’s problems as defined by Africans?
  • Problem 4: How can a strengthened STI system promote clean drinking water, renewable energy, effective health care, jobs particularly for the youth, and human capital development and inclusive growth?
  • Problem 5: How do we build skills to find, adapt and adopt existing global, innovation and knowledge?
  • Problem 6: How can Africa cultivate a dynamic innovation eco-system? 


JOASH HAMISI - Kenya 20/09/2012 19:22
This is a bracehold of anew era
THIS iniative will help alot in develpment of science field
KENT-ONAH ROSELINE - Nigeria 16/04/2012 08:14
This opportunity will give a great hope in the future of sustainable growth and development in Africa
Christine Magu - Kenya 11/04/2012 13:06
I was truly humbled by the opportunity to attend the conference, especially the private sector involvement. It was a mind opener to many things and one can only pray that those policies be implemented soonest possible to get 'Africa truly on the move.' Thank you AfDB and all other supporters involved.
Hugues MBALA MANGA - Cameroon 05/04/2012 13:52
Comment s'assurer de la compétence des jeunes diplômés pour les employer?

Une interrrogation qui en suscite une autre:combien d'entreprises peuvent-elles recruter des jeunes diplômés sans expériences?

La problématique est ici liée aux opportunités qu'il faut créer pour donner la possibilité aux jeunes de bâtir une expérience professionnelle durant leur parcours académique.

Je tire des enseignements de mon expérience personnelle: des activiyés professionnelles simultanément avec mes études, afin de pouvoir me prendre en charge, et pouvoir également me payer la documentation.

Celà à faciliter mon insertion à la fin de mes études.Et j'ai vite oublier, ces travaux sous-payés et sans contrats.

Pour finir, je voudrais attirer l'attention sur le fait que jusqu'ici on accorde encore une grande place aux jeunes africains formés hors du continent. Il faut donner un peu d'espace à ceux formés sur le continent qui ont des compétences qu'on devrait prendre en considération.
bankole julius - Nigeria 04/04/2012 04:24
Africa UNITE! This ia a way forward
Francis Macharia - Kenya 03/04/2012 07:30
That is the way go . Africans , let us stand by ourselves. Moreover we need not reinvent the wheel.
Biwott Amos - Kenya 02/04/2012 12:38
I think African youth need such forum for their voices to be clearly heard. Youth empowerment should be considered a cross all levels, the powerful youth have great ideas, so unemployed young people are crime doers, and hopeless. Their decision is of great value.
gitobu paul - Kenya 31/03/2012 18:46
This forum will demonstrate the opportunities science has opened for the youth of Africa to catch up with the rest of the world.
Emily Kuria - Kenya 31/03/2012 07:15
This is a great move forward as Africa positions itself globally in matters of ST&I as we work together towards implementing technological advancements -locally- for economic growth. I'm looking forward to this!
Julius Ecuru - Uganda 30/03/2012 20:37
This is a great initiative by the AfDB and partners. I am optimistic that some concrete agreements will be reached on how to best harness science, technology and innovation for Africa's growth and social transformation. I believe the youthful African population is latent human capital and potential for STI which if nurtured, would certainly bring positive change in livelihoods, making Africa the place for innovation. Thanks and please, keep up the momentum!
Marylyne Muthoni - Kenya 30/03/2012 18:19
This is the best oppotunity given to kenyans especially the youths who really needs jobs. keep up the good job.
Maurice Bolo - Kenya 29/03/2012 09:25
A very timely conference. I love the focus on the youth, our greatest asset and the unemployment challenge. Science, technology and innovation hold the promise but challenges abound. Hopefully the discussions will come up with some practical solutions to these challenges. Well done AfDB!
mahamane yeya - Niger 29/03/2012 06:37
Ce genre d'initiative est a encourager car il est grand temps que l'afrique sorte de sa lethargie. Pour y arriver la technologie et la sciences sont un passage oblige. Nos gouvernements devraient promouvoir le developpement des energies renouvelables (solaire et eolienne).
PATRICK OKOTH - Kenya 28/03/2012 18:46
This is a novel idea and great opportunity for our lot
Melanie Katsivo - Canada 28/03/2012 15:38
As a Kenyan diaspora in Canada, I am particularly excited that these issues will be dicussed "Problem 4: How can a strengthened STI system promote clean drinking water, renewable energy, effective health care, jobs particularly for the youth, and human capital development and inclusive growth?" If we can collectively and decisively solve - even part solve these problems, we would be on track in improving the human development index for Africa.
Anderson Yeri Kazungu - Kenya 28/03/2012 11:09
Am quite excited to be invited to the youth forum.The knowledge gain will strengthen youth Empowerment in the region
Ali Ali - Kenya 28/03/2012 09:01
This is a wonderful forum, which is timely and great in terms of partnership between african STI and global institutions. It is an excellent way to nurture the present generation to enhance sustainability.
Caleb Kiprono Metto - Kenya 28/03/2012 06:05
This is a great opportunity for stakeholders of ST&I to meet, network and discuss vital issues regarding mainstreaming of ST&I in all sectors of the economy, addressing issues of quality higher education, promotion of STEM courses, youth unemployment and more involvement in ST&I among others. I congratulate the organizers of this conference and look forward to fruitful deliberations that will eventually inform policies and ongoing debate on ST&I. This event has come at the right time when ST&I and youth issues are taking center stage in matters development. I would be glad to see more youth participating in this conference. Keep up the good work and God bless Africa - Cale Kiprono Metto, Youth Agency for Development of Science, Technology & Innovations (YADSTI)
Dr. Esther Ngumbi - Kenya 26/03/2012 17:17
Great forum. I would love to learn of the outcomes of this conference. I also believe it is time, Africa learns to stream live on the internet some of this important conferences and forums. Good Job!
Tadege Mihretu - Ethiopia 26/03/2012 15:28
Wow! It is very nice opportunity for African Youth Intellectuuals. I think, it encourages and energizes the minds of Africa to passionate for development and enovation. Yes we can! we Africans are of smart minded, but hibernated towards the creativity.
Stevens Bezelin BEZABO - Central African Republic 26/03/2012 08:49
Bonjour je suis très ravi de cette initiative que la BAD organise et si cette initiative continue nous aurons des cadres et des chercheurs de haut niveau et que nous allons révolutionné notre continent en matière de la technologie.
DEOGRATIAS NURWAHA - China 25/03/2012 10:58
This forum would be a great opportunity for african scientists to share information and rethink about how to promote science and technology in Africa
Leonard Mutembei - Tanzania 22/03/2012 21:42
This is a good opportunity for youth in Africa to share ideas and have a common agreement on how to work together by using science and technology for development. I real suggest this forum to be ongoing one and not to be the end. Africa need to do research and use the results for development.
Mukooyo Humphrey - Uganda 22/03/2012 06:41
This is a good opportunity for the stakeholders to share the practical and feasible solution to unemployment.
Unemployment has affected the way we live especially where you have to cater for a number of persons that are looking for work.
Most economies are facing hardships because each and every Universities and other tertiary institutions are churning out people who are ready to work and are looking for jobs.
Per capita income has also gone down drastically affecting service delivery at household levels.
We hope with this forum we shall be able to chart a way forward to the increasing unemployment levels.
Jack BANTU RUSAGARA - Congo 21/03/2012 11:58
Bravo, prenons notre destin en main. Tout développement passe par la bonne education.The topics onnthe agenda are interesting, but such events should be held regularly so that the recommandations highlighted can be kept in office drawers.
Daniel Muraya - Kenya 16/03/2012 08:42
This is timely moment in Africa to come together and deliberate on this critical issue. I hope that the conference will form the basis for the initiation of collaborative continent wide strategies to promote STI. I hope in future conferences we can get to hear some of the successful initiatives that are already working particularly in what we call the informal sector that have wide impact on peoples life.
Ethel Monda - Kenya 14/03/2012 16:26
Good idea. The youth need to be mentored as they create innovative patentable products and processes for new industries
cyriaque rwehera - Burundi 14/03/2012 16:00
je suis content de cet évenement ,le continent Africain a un grand retard sur les autres continents en matières de développement des infrastructures de tout genre.Afin de combler ce fossé,il est impératif que nos jeunes soient assez entraînés suffisamment dans les domaines de la sciences et technologies afin que nos entrepreneurs appelés à mettre en place ces infrastructures soient peu dépendants de la main d'oeuvre extérieure au continent.Les enseignements dans la plupart de nos universités restent très souvent théoriqiues et les lauréats de ces universités n'arrivent pratiquement pas à pratiquer le minimum exigé pour servir aux employeurs potentiels d'où une dépendance presque totale de nos entrepreneurs de la main d'oeuvre extérieure qui les rends très peu compétitifs,que ce genre d'événements soit encouragé pour surmonter ce problème de manque de main d'oeuvre qualifiée.
Shaukat Abdulrazak - Kenya 14/03/2012 09:46
This is the way to go. Congratulations! It's a high time we develop an African agenda by Africans for Africa. We must mentor our youth and support their innovations and commercialize them. The world is not about to slow down because we are behind, we must move fast to catch up. We must implement the deliberations and the outcome/output of the forum. Strengthening of civil society, academia, policy makers and private sector- quadriple helix is vital. Africa has to take its rightful position in matters of ST&I with Visionary leaders is very possible. This meeting is long overdue and we must all participate and play our role. We need to support the sector with at least 1% of the GDP to realize it full potential. Once again congratulations!!!

Prof. Abdulrazak
Jean Bosco NTUNGIRIMANA - Burundi 23/02/2012 12:59

Je suis très ravi d'être au courant de cet événement régional surtout en cette période où on est entrain de mener dans la Communauté Est Africaine un projet sur financement de l'International Records Management Trust de Londres, en collaboration avec le Centre de Recherche et de Développement International (CANADA), et East African Community Head Quarter (ARUSHA). C'est un projet intitulé "RECHERCHE CRDI - Aligner la Gestion d’Archivage avec la Technologie de l’Information et de la Communication, e-Government, et Accès aux Informations dans l’Afrique de l’Est".

A cet effet, la participation à cet événement nous permettrait de dresser un état des lieux de ce projet d'une part, et d'autre part d'échanger certaines pratiques dans le domaine de la science, la technologie et l'innovation.

Merci de penser à cet événement et bonne journée.
Frederick Owusu Danso - Ghana 11/02/2012 03:50
I think that it is time to encourage and recognize the efforts of our next generation of academics and researchers to move Africa forward. This is a splendid idea, well done AfDB.
richard mbithi - Kenya 08/02/2012 17:12
this is a wonderful idea.. Africa needs to invest more on research and innovations especially in agriculture sector in order to produce food and counter food insufficiency
SANTANU KUMAR GHOSH - India 20/11/2011 10:30
Science and Technology including Innovation are most important in inviting development for the people, particularly for the thickly populated developing nations. When unemployment, poverty etc. are the chronic problems of some of the Asian, African and Latin-American countries, these tools are required to be utilized properly in order to develop human resources of these countries through designing appropriate course curriculum. I hope that organizers of this seminar would consider this aspect also very carefully. Because to solve the problem of under development, you need not be innovative enough required to get a Nobel Prize, but your honesty, sincerity, integrity and a little bit of innovative skill are adequate to solve the real-life problem which I believe can be done, at least, partially.Wish you all the best.
Ahmed Magem - Nigeria 12/10/2011 23:05
Science and Technology has proven to be a great tool that can bring about a great paradigm shift for the youths of Africa. With the great talents from every corner Science and Technology especially ICT can replicate and even surpass the Indian experience currently. Yes, it is about time. Such forums as this are the way forward for Africa. We must pick up steam from here.
André TUSUMBA - Congo 05/10/2011 13:43
Une très bonne initiative et opportunité pour l'Afrique. Je crois qu'il y a moyen d'étendre à d'autres pays pour un meilleur partage d'expérience.
TAMBOURA Hamidou H. - Burkina Faso 27/09/2011 23:47
Les technologies (adaptées) et les innovations constituent les réelles solutions de salut pour l'Afrique qui veut épanouir ses fils et filles. Bravo pour l'initiative et courage pour le suivi de l'après forum !
Cho Ndi - Cameroon 27/09/2011 12:00
If Africa will move forward, we need ideas like this.
mansour kacem - Tunisia 20/09/2011 17:20
Il faut bien penser a introduire les nouvelles technologie en agriculture tel que l'énergie solaire et le pompage photovoltaïque dans le pays africain et ce dans le cadre de tout les projets financés par la banque africaine de développement.
Ayele Adugna Amanu - Ethiopia 17/09/2011 12:33
I really appreciate the organizers of this event which is timely and very crucial for the african countries. In practice the real work is not done only by the top-ranking personnel and hence a Back-Home action Plan (BHAP) should be followed in order to further share the knowledge and experiences to those who didn't get a chance to attend this wonderful program.
DON CYRILLE BEHOU - Côte d’Ivoire 15/09/2011 18:13
Ce forum doit plus porter sur la recherche et il doit etre un plaidoyer vers les bailleurs de fonds pour financer les instituts de recherche Aficain; que Dieu benisse L'Afrique
Ouedraogo Issaka - Burkina Faso 10/09/2011 13:13
ce Forum régional est d'un grand interet pour les pays de l'afrique.
Toute fois il faudrais renforcer les mecanismes de suivi pour que les recommandations qui en sortirons puissent etre effectivement traduites en actions concretes!
Que Dieu Benisse l'Afrique!
Ghislain Hyppolite MOUSSA YAPENDET - Central African Republic 09/09/2011 13:49
oui bien sur un forum pour que l'Afrique se dévelope, car nous avons plus des potentialités des réssources riches, donc c'est un lieu de playdoyer pour nous sortions du sous développement.
Christopher Nwani - Nigeria 07/09/2011 08:33
This is a wonderful program and I hope it will bring the best for African researchers
Fagr Abdel-Gawad - Egypt 05/09/2011 08:00
This is a good way forward for Africa especially the scientist and the youth,I hope I can Participate, I am from Egypt, Group leader in center of Excellence for advanced science in National Research Center
Aubin Arthur MBALLA - Central African Republic 01/09/2011 09:32
Ce forum est un atout pour l'Afrique afin de s'échanger des expériences des autres pays. cette initiative est à encourager car l'Afrique ne peut être à la marge des nouvelles avancées technologiques.
Aubin Arthur MBALLA - Central African Republic 01/09/2011 09:25
-Développement de la communication au niveau de l'Afrique centrale (Fibre optique),
-Indépendance des réseaux électriques,
-Innover l'Afrique par l'utilisation des nouvelles sources d'énergie ( éolienne et solaire)
Gatien Clotaire Bongolo - Congo-Brazzaville 31/08/2011 14:47
Merci bien pour l'initiative !
Nous acteurs de la société civile nous éperons profiter de ce forum pour échanger et renforcer les capacités !
Nous ne devrions pas toujours attendre les autres...

Bravo !!!
Dr. Chidi Nzeadibe - Nigeria 30/08/2011 20:00
This opportunity gives great hope for the socialisation of STI in Africa. I teach in a Nigeria university and have conducted funded studies with STI relevance. I'd be pleased to participate. Kudos AfDB for the initiative.
fathi gouhis - Tunisia 19/08/2011 00:56
c'est une manifestation d'un grand interet pour les pays de l'afrique. les echanges d'expériences et le contact faciliteront l'essor de ces pays. merci pour l'initiative
Joseph Issa - Malawi 16/08/2011 10:44
This will really assist the youth of Africa to share their research findings and finally help in innovations and technology development. Keep it up...I am very eager to participate.
TABOKO Samson MENGE - Cameroon 12/08/2011 22:45
I was more than impress when I saw this initiative over the website of AfDB. This is a great opportunity for us to share our experiences on what is happening on the ground. I work for an oil palm agro-industrial company, PAMOL Plantations Plc - CAMEROON. Science, Technology and Innovations(STI) are the back borne for development,growth and sustainability of an economy.
samaila madi yusuf - Nigeria 22/07/2011 15:07
I think this will be a land mark achievement to that region, and it wil be an enhancement to the development of science and technology, and it will as well creat and instill an innovative spirit in the participant and when they go on to build on it it will make them good,innovative as well as productive. This is wornderful.
Dadjai Lassimigue - Chad 19/07/2011 09:47
i really appreciate this kind of initiative.
It helps young people to be more creative and to be up to date with technology growth.
Jaboma Allan - Kenya 18/07/2011 16:53
This is a good way fowad for Africa especially the youth.....It is nice to organize such kind of forum where we get to shere with the rest of the society some of our brightest ideas...It also promotes concensus orientation one of the elements of good governance for innovation.
Alassane ZONGO - Burkina Faso 16/07/2011 11:14
-Banque de données pour les etats à penser .
-Independance des voies de communications ( internet et telephonie ) vis a vis de l'occident.
-Centre de lutte africain contre les hackers.

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