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  • From: 19/09/2016
  • To: 19/09/2016
  • Location: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

The Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department of the African Development Bank Group launched its “Strategy for Agricultural Transformation in Africa 2016-2025” on Monday, September 19, 2016 at the AfDB headquarters in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

Categories: Côte d’Ivoire, Food Production, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Human Capital Development, Employment, Partnerships, Youth

  • From: 05/09/2016
  • To: 06/09/2016
  • Location: La Tour Hassan Hotel, Rabat, Morocco

An abundance of resources creates several opportunities and challenges on the continent. When well managed, natural resources wealth, including extractives, can accelerate Africa’s economic transformation and create jobs and opportunity for present and future generations. The challenge is finding ways to capitalize on extractive industries projects. Local content policies potentially offer countries and communities an effective pathway.

Categories: Morocco, Partnerships, Employment, Environment, African Natural Resources Center (ANRC)

  • From: 05/09/2016
  • To: 05/09/2016
  • Location: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

The Agriculture and Agro-industries Department of the African Development Bank (OSAN) will host a seminar on “Reshaping African food systems: The role of technological and policy innovations”.

Categories: Agriculture & Agro-industries, Human Capital Development, Partnerships, Health, Food Production

  • From: 27/08/2016
  • To: 28/08/2016
  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya

An African Development Bank (AfDB) Group delegation led by the Bank President, Akinwumi Adesina, will attend the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) in Nairobi from August 27-28, 2016. This will be the first time TICAD is being held in Africa since its inception in 1993, demonstrating the strong African ownership and deepening partnership among TICAD stakeholders.

Categories: Japan, Kenya, Human Capital Development, Partnerships, Private Sector, Employment, Youth, ADF, Enhanced Private Sector Assistance for Africa: EPSA Initiative

  • From: 21/07/2016
  • To: 21/07/2016
  • Location: Hôtel Hyatt Regency - Casablanca - Maroc

Un peu moins d’un an après son assemblée constitutive, tenue le 29 juillet 2015, le fonds panafricain Africa50 dédié aux infrastructures en Afrique tient sa deuxième assemblée générale, jeudi 21 juillet 2016, à Casablanca.

Categories: Morocco, Africa50, Infrastructure

  • From: 18/07/2016
  • To: 22/07/2016
  • Location: Abuja, Nigeria

The African Development Bank is hosting a five-day training program from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd July 2016, to provide Parliamentary Staff with critical skills in policy analysis. They will also be trained to analyze and synthesize data into policy briefs. This is to position them to prepare briefs which will then be distributed to relevant Parliamentary Committees to inform decision making and advisory functions.

Categories: Nigeria

  • From: 18/07/2016
  • To: 22/07/2016
  • Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the African Water Facility (AWF) will be participating in the 6th Africa Water Week (AWW-6), holding from 18-22 July 2016 at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Categories: Tanzania, Water Supply & Sanitation, African Water Facility

  • From: 12/07/2016
  • To: 13/07/2016
  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya

The African Development Bank Group will host a workshop on “Establishing an African Agriculture Risk Sharing and Financing Mechanism” in Nairobi, Kenya, from 12-13 July 2016.

  • From: 11/07/2016 14:00
  • To: 11/07/2016
  • Location: Immeuble CCIA – Avenue Jean-Paul II, Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)

Le président du Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement (BAD), Akinwumi A. Adesina, reçoit, lundi 11 juillet 2016 à 14 h à Abidjan, en Côte d’Ivoire, Oscar N. Onyema, président de l’Association des bourses africaines (ASEA), accompagné d’une délégation de haut niveau du comité exécutif de l’ASEA.

Categories: Private Sector

  • From: 08/07/2016
  • To: 08/07/2016
  • Location: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

The Ivorian Ministry for the Promotion of Youth, Youth Employment, and Civic Engagement and the African Development Bank’s Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department are hosting a workshop to reflect on the imperatives for the successful implementation of its program in Côte d’Ivoire. The workshop takes place in the Bank’s offices in Abidjan, on Friday, July 8, 2016.

Categories: Côte d’Ivoire, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Employment, Youth, Partnerships