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16/10/2014 - On the occasion of the 9th African Development Forum (ADF) in Marrakech, Morocco, the African Development Bank spoke with Abdalla Hamdok, Deputy Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, on the way forward for development.

Categories: Morocco, Africa50 Infrastructure Fund, Infrastructure, Health, Partnerships

15/10/2014 - On the occasion of the 9th African Development Forum in Marrakech, Morocco, the African Development Bank spoke with Christian Diguimbaye, Coordinator, Steering Committee of the Joint Secretariat of the tripartite partnership of the African Union Commission, UN Economic Commission for Africa and the African Development Bank, about the Forum and his views on Africa’s development.

Categories: Morocco, Partnerships, Private Sector

30/09/2014 - On the occasion of the African Development Bank’s commemoration of the Africa Year of Agriculture and Food Security, on Monday, September 29, 2014 in Abidjan, Chiji Ojukwu, Director of the AfDB’s Agriculture and Agro Industry Department, reflects on the importance of agriculture in Africa.

Categories: Agriculture & Agro-industries

26/06/2014 - Africa is on a remarkable growth trajectory. Many analysts predict that the continent’s economic growth will remain above five per cent for the foreseeable future. Yet, achieving this goal will require a different vision on human capital.

Categories: Human Capital Development, Information & Communication Technology, Health, Education, Climate Change, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Gender, Civil Society, Employment, Poverty Reduction, Youth, Structural Transformation

17/06/2014 - « Quand les projets sont bien préparés, ils n’échouent pas. La Banque africaine de développement (BAD) a une grande expérience dans le domaine », a déclaré Neside Tas Anvaripour, directrice d’« Afrique 50 », le nouvel instrument de financement des infrastructures de la BAD. C’était le 15 juin 2014 à Dakar, au Sénégal au cours d’une rencontre organisée dans le cadre du sommet sur le financement des infrastructures en Afrique.

Categories: Senegal, Infrastructure, Private Sector, Africa50 Infrastructure Fund

02/06/2014 - Florence Limbio, Minister of the Economy, Planning, Cooperation and Development for the Central African Republic, called for the development of a new plan, under which her country and its multilateral partners – including the African Development Bank (AfDB) – focus on key priorities and add fresh impetus to CAR's economic reconstruction programme.

Categories: Central African Republic, Economic & Financial Governance, Human Capital Development, Health, Civil Society, Poverty Reduction

28/05/2014 - On March 21, 2014, the African Development Bank’s Integrity and Anti-Corruption Department (IACD) announced the conclusion of settlement agreements with three multinationals following the companies’ admission of corrupt practices in a Bank-financed project. As part of the settlement agreements, IACD imposed financial penalties totaling US $17 million.


27/05/2014 - In recent years Africa has been making great strides in policy development and at present looks very prepared to move from principle into practice on this. Some leaders say now is the time to boost Africa's industrialisation efforts and that capacity building, which is critical to the continent's emergence, will play an essential role in this.

Categories: Rwanda, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Economic & Financial Governance, Human Capital Development, Infrastructure, Private Sector, Employment, Structural Transformation, Youth

23/05/2014 - Microsoft has proposed a series of measures to African governments to promote the use of information and communications technology (ICT) among unemployed youth. Under this partnership, the African Development Bank (AfDB) will invest $20 million in technology to boost access to ICT across Africa.

Categories: Rwanda, Information & Communication Technology, Health, Education, Agriculture & Agro-industries, Human Capital Development, Employment

22/05/2014 - Given its remarkable growth in the past decades, Africa has been hailed as the next frontier for opportunity and a potential global growth pole. Political conflicts have declined, economic growth is robust and economic management, governance and political stability have improved. However, Anne Kabagambe, Chief of Staff and Director of the African Development Bank President’s Cabinet, largely dwelled on what should be done differently if we want a prosperous continent in the next half century.

Categories: Rwanda, Infrastructure, Private Sector, Economic & Financial Governance

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