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African leaders are expected to show a renewed commitment towards the implementation of policies that support regional economic integration at the African Economic conference taking place in Johannesburg. A more efficient customs clearance, better roads, fewer roadblocks, access to air travel and rail alternatives are some of the challenges highlighted by the UNDP, a co- sponsor of the conference.

The African Economic Conference Website

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African countries are realizing the relevance of regional economic integration to inclusive and sustainable growth. South Africa's Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan says it's the appropriate path to follow to create jobs and reduce poverty and is even more important in the face of the recent global economic slowdown. However the challenge lies in identifying growth prospects from country to country and sector to sector. The Minister highlighted that a one size fits all approach to growth will not work in Africa.

The African Economic Conference Website

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Donald Kaberuka's statement at the Special Working Luncheon on What Africa Can be in the Next 50 Years. New York, USA 26 September 2013

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Directeur fondateur de l’ONG Epargne Sans Frontière, Saïd Bourjij est l’un des trois auteurs du rapport intitulé <media 51076>Réduire les coûts des transferts d’argent des migrants et optimiser leur impact sur le développement - Outils et produits financiers pour le Maghreb et la Zone franc.</media> A partir de 5 études de cas, menées respectivement dans 5 pays africains, le rapport pointe les obstacles qui empêchent d’optimiser la manne des transferts d’argent des migrants africains, et que celle-ci profite au développement de leurs pays d’origine respectifs. Or chacun des pays étudiés a ses spécificités.


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