Projects & Operations

In 2012, the volume of Bank Group operations was UA 4.25 billioncompared to UA 5.72 billion in 2011. At the ADB window, some borrowers reached their prudential limits, while some ADF-only countries front-loaded resources and exhausted their allocations. Selectivity and focus continue to reflect the lending outcomes, with infrastructure leading at about 50 percent of total but much higher if infrastructure related interventions in other Sectors are included.

Overall Approvals

Total Bank Group approvals for 2012 were UA 4.25 billion, representing a significant decline from 2011, when approvals totalled UA 5.72 billion. The impact of the Arab Spring explains to a large extent both the increase seen in 2011 and the lower uptake in 2012. Countries such as Tunisia and Morocco received sizeable urgent support in 2011 to relieve pressure on their economies. This continued in 2012 for Morocco, which received UA 754 million, more than double the amount of UA 355 million approved in 2011. The amount to Tunisia declined in line with the lending limits for the country in place in 2012.

Engagement in Subregions

For illustrative and not strictly operational purposes, the Bank’s operations in 2012 can also be split among five sub-regions: Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa. During 2012, Bank Group loan and grant approvals for all five sub-regions and multinational projects and programs amounted to UA 3.60 billion . The distribution was as follows: North Africa, UA 1.12 billion (31.0 percent); Southern Africa, UA 464.0 million (12.8 percent); East Africa, UA 447.2 million (12.4 percent); West Africa, UA 441.2 million (12.2 percent); and, Central Africa, UA 323.0 million (8.8 percent). Loans and grants approvals for multinational projects and programs amounted to UA 812.0 million (22.5 percent).

Engagement in Various Economic Sectors

The sector distribution of Bank Group operations during 2012, continues to adhere to selectivity and results orientation. Approvals to infrastructure were UA 1.76 billion (48.9 percent of total) for which energy was the dominant subsector followed by transport and water and  anitation; followed by the social sector, UA 525.3 million (14.6 percent); multisector, UA 505.4 million (14.0 percent); finance, UA 402.8 million (11.2 percent); agriculture and rural development, UA 308.1 million (8.6 percent); and, industry, mining and quarrying, UA 97.7 million (2.7 percent). However, many interventions in the social sector and agricultural and rural development (i.e. rural roads and irrigation) relate to infrastructure as well.

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