LAMU Port Corridor Studies


  • Reference: P-Z1-D00-019
  • Appraisal Date: 01/06/2012
  • Board Presentation: 26/09/2012
  • Status: LendingLEND
  • Implementing Agency: --


The project under consideration involves the environmental impact assessment and detailed engineering designs of the priority sections of the transport corridor:

(i) Environmental Impact i


The objective of the project is to facilitate trade and regional integration by providing transport infrastructure which will provide access to the Lamu see port for the land locked countries of Southern Sudan and Ethiopia. The project will also contribute to poverty reduction in the countries by increasing access to markets and social services for the people living along the corridor.


The Government of Kenya launched the long-term development strategy, Vision 2030, and the first five-year Medium Term Plan (MTP) for the period 2008-2012. The MTP pillars are anchored on the foundations of macroeconomic stability, continued governance reforms and expansion of economic infrastructure. Government of Ethiopia (GOE) has also started the implementation of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) (2010/11 -14/15) with main objective of sustaining rapid and broad-based growth path witnessed during the past several years and eventually ends poverty. A South Sudan Development Plan (SSDP) for 2011 -2013 is being finalized. The SSDP is supported by four strategic pillars:

(i) Governance,

(ii) Economic Development,

(iii) Social and Human Development and

(iv) Conflict Prevention and Security.

All the growth plans of the three countries are dependent on the development of infrastructures and; transport is one of the major components of the infrastructure. The development of this project in addition to facilitating trade and regional integration will have significant impact on the life of the people living in the project area of influence that have remained as economically under-developed for many years.


The project benefits include increased transit cargo and Intra-regional trade between Kenya, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia. The total populations that will be influenced directly by the project are estimated to be 7.5 million, 4 million and 17 million in Kenya, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia respectively. The major economic activities in the areas include pastoralism and agriculture. The southern-east area of the Southern Sudan is also where crude oil is going to be produced

Key contacts

MAMMO Zerfu Tessema - OITC2

Estimated Cost

UAC 11,000,000

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