The Return to AfDB Headquarters

AfDB President, Donald Kaberuka (2013 Annual Meetings)

With the ratification of the GCC recommendations on the roadmap, the task of safely returning the Bank to its headquarters will now begin in earnest. In my bilaterals, four key themes have been consistent.

  • First, a rigorous respect of the Roadmap and its triggers.

  • Second, ensuring at all costs that the exercise will not perturb the operations of the Bank or diminish its effectiveness.

  • Third, good communication, both internally and externally.

  • Fourth, close collaboration between the Bank and the Governments of Cote d’Ivoire and Tunisia.

I give here all the assurances that I personally, the Board and its existing competent committees, such as CAHR and AUFI, will ensure the Bank respects those four elements scrupulously. Rest assured, we do fully understand how complex and delicate the exercise is. There will neither be undue precipitation nor unnecessary delays which would cause process cost overrun. We have every confidence that the resilience and the experience this institution has demonstrated will serve you and us well.

AfDB Headquarters

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