Partnership overview

Germany joined the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group in 1983. It supported the 2010 General Capital Increase VI and ADF-XII replenishment of the Bank. Germany’s pledge to ADF-XII was of UA 399.99 million* (467.94 million euros). This represents the same amount as in ADF-11, but Germany’s burden share has been reduced to 9.781 per cent, a 10 per cent decline as compared with ADF XII.

Joint initiatives

  • The Government of Germany contributes to the development of the financial sectors in Africa through Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A). Launched at the Heiligendamm G8 summit in 2007, MFW4A’s mission is to provide a platform for African governments, development partners and the private sector to coordinate financial sector development. The AfDB hosts the MFW4A Secretariat.
  • The German Bank for Reconstruction (Kredietanstalt für Wiedraufbau - KfW) and the German Society for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ) contribute to the NEPAD Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (NEPAD IPPF). NEPAD-IPPF is a multi-donor trust fund hosted by AfDB that aims to help bridging the gap in regional infrastructure project preparation. NEPAD-IPPF plays a key role in economic growth and poverty reduction.
  • Germany supports the Infrastructure Secretariat for Africa (ICA). KfW is seconding an expert to the ICA and is supporting the ICA Water Sector Platform.
  • The AfDB, Germany and other donors contribute to the Zimbabwe Trust Fund that supports the recovery and development efforts in Zimbabwe.


Mr. Ronald Meyer
Executive Director, Germany
Tel: (225) 2026 2018

Ms. Christine Lewis
Senior Advisor
Tel (225) 2026 4221

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