Poverty Reduction

Bank Group Policy on Poverty Reduction, February 2004

An important element of the policy is that it elaborates on the poverty dimensions of the major themes articulated in the Vision, the Strategic Plan and the other Bank policy papers. It also takes into account lessons learnt in national poverty reduction efforts and the experience with international aid for social and economic development.

The main objective of the policy is to provide a framework for action by putting poverty reduction at the center of Bank support for its RMCs. This is especially the case with their efforts to prepare, implement, and evaluate their PRSPs as well as the achievement of MDGs.

Operationally, the policy underscores the importance of linking country programs with the PRSP process. As a result, new CSPs draw on the poverty diagnostics, sectoral priorities, cost estimates and outcome indicators specified in the PRSPs. Moreover, the preparation and implementation of CSPs entails greater reliance on national institutions, lending instruments such as Sector Wide Approaches (SWAPs) and as much as possible budgetary support.

The policy also ensures consistency of project cycle activities with the participation dimensions of PRSPs. This aspect is being implemented through the promotion of greater participation of CSOs in project identification, design, implementation and evaluation as well as support for PRSP-related poverty.

Emmanuel Acket - Côte d’Ivoire 16/11/2014 01:15
Selon moi, la réduction de la pauvreté passe essentiellement par la culture de l'esprit d'entreprenariat au sein de la jeunesse africaine. Il va donc falloir amener cette jeunesse à apprendre à entreprendre d'une part et d'autre part cette jeunesse doit aussi se mettre au travail en cherchant des idées intéressantes, des idées innovantes qui susciterons des intérêts de la part des financiers qui pourront ainsi les accompagner dans leur projet. Alors plus il y aura d'entrepreneurs et donc de PME, moins il y aura des chômeurs.
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