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Infrastructure & Regional Integration

The Infrastructure, Private Sector, Water & Sanitation and NEPAD, Regional Integration and Trade Operations Complex III (OIVP) is central to the Bank’s mission. The OIVP complex is responsible for  the development of reliable and sustainable infrastructure and it also leads regional integration projects as well as public and private sector programme development. The expansion of reliable and sustainable infrastructure is a key factor in the continent's economic and social development and in efforts at reducing poverty on a long term basis.

Increased market size, through regional integration, and lower prices, through the exploitation of economies of scale, are few examples of the positive impact infrastructure development could have on the continent's economic growth.

The AfDB gives a high priority to the development of essential infrastructure on the continent. The complex's objectives include: 

  • Improving Infrastructure Knowledge, Communication and Staff Learning
    Achieving this objective will help build the Bank’s core assets, improve quality at entry and ensure a high and sustainable impact on infrastructure investments
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Initiatives (RWSSI & WSS)
    This objective will increase sustainable access to water supply and sanitation in rural, semi-urban and urban areas of the continent. 
  • African Water Facility and Water Partnership
    These initiatives will catalyze water supply investments, strengthen management and evaluation (M&E) capacity, respond and project preparation needs, and develop knowledge projects.
  • Special Development Initiative (SDI)
    The SDI will help build competitive infrastructure to promote regional integration and trade with the private sector.
  • AU/NEPAD Programme for Infrastructure Development 
    The infrastructure programme is designed to promote a coordinated and prioritized approach to scale up infrastructure development.
  • Promoting Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
    This initiative will help leverage the Bank’s financial strength and optimize risk-sharing between public and private partners with a view to increasing volume, quality and cost-effectiveness of infrastructure investments.
  • African Finance Partnership (AFP)
    This initiative will help coordinate activities by International Financial Institutions (IFIs)  working on private sector development on the continent with a view to improving efficiency and attracting private investment finance to the continent.