Manager, Country Operations

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  • Position title: Manager, Country Operations
  • Grade: PL2
  • Position N°: 50093566
  • Reference: ADB/17/365
  • Publication date: 03/08/2017
  • Closing date: 23/08/2017
  • Country: Nigeria



Established in 1964, the African Development Bank is the premier pan-African development institution, promoting economic growth and social progress across the continent. There are 80 member states, including 54 in Africa (Regional Member Countries).  The Bank’s development agenda is delivering the financial and technical support for transformative projects that will significantly reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable economic growth. In order to sharply focus the objectives of the Ten-Year Strategy (2013 – 2022) and ensure greater developmental impact, five major areas (High 5), all of which will accelerate our delivery for Africa, have been identified for scaling up, namely; energy, agro-business, industrialization, integration and improving the quality of life for the people of Africa. The Bank is seeking to build a management team that will lead the successful implementation of this vision.


The Bank has reorganized and is developing the Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery Complex whose major objective is to build regional capabilities and bring responsibility for client activities closer to the regions. Five Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery Hubs have been created, each run by a Director General: Southern Africa, North Africa, West Africa; East Africa, and Central Africa.


The Office of the Manager: Country Operations supports the Senior Director in managing the country portfolio, the pipeline, business development, and donor coordination in support of the Bank activities in the Country.


The job has been established to provide support to the Senior Director for oversight of all Bank operations in the Country, with a focus on business development, portfolio management, and program support responsibilities. The incumbent provides support and advice to the Senior Director in designing the country work program, while harmonizing and coordinating the implementation of the Bank’s Ten Year Strategy, the High5s Agenda, and the Country Strategy Paper. 

The Manager Country Operations maintains a strategic institutional perspective focused on results and performance for an effective value for money delivery. The job supports the Office mandate and purpose – providing a direct and indirect operational input that contributes to the delivery of the key performance targets of the Country’s Portfolios and facilitate detailed high frequency reporting (dashboard) on the progress of work programs and relevant Bank initiatives under the Director.

Duties and responsibilities

Under the general supervision of the Senior Director, the Manager for Country Operations has the following main responsibilities:

1.  Provide support to Senior Director to initiate and lead dialogue with Government and the private sector on systemic issues relating to portfolio management, improving the performance and quality of Bank operations based on agreed result framework, which is assessed based on key performance indicators and targets;

2.  Identify and address cross-cutting and country specific portfolio issues and advise the Country Team in the design, implementation and supervision arrangements for the portfolio as well as new business development;

3.  Participate actively in the Country wide discussions of an organizational, strategic and operational nature and help translate into actions through work programs;

4.  Prepare inputs & deliverables for the President’s office, Bank’s senior management, corporate units, the Board, and the Vice Presidency for Regional Integration and Delivery;

5.  In collaboration with Senior Director, continuously review country portfolio, country operations and work programs to ensure that they are aligned to the implementation of the new Business Development and Delivery Model;

6.  Oversee all aspects of portfolio management, sovereign and non-sovereign, to ensure quality at entry and during implementation, including performance monitoring, in line with Bank corporate policies, strategies, guidelines and directives;

7.  Undertake an ongoing Capacity review of current resources (people & other resources), to ensure the office possesses the necessary capability to meet all relevant work programs inclusive of peak periods and long term projects;

8.  Initiate and support resource mobilization in the country and follow up on related works, including counter-part contributions, co-financing opportunities, as well as Country Policy and Institutional Assessments;

9.  Coordinate overall workflow of the Senior Director’s Office in close coordination with the Lead Economist and ensuring follow-through on key actions;

10.  Develop key documents/position papers for the Senior Director and prepare comments and or inputs for operational, knowledge and convening activities to create awareness, understanding, and support for core business priorities and process improvements;

11.  Drive and align necessary change management and learning support across the project cycle;

12.  Manage and develop relationships with key clients (governments, central and local authorities and private actors) at the highest level of seniority, and position the African Development Bank as the partner of choice to support high development impact operations in the country.  Build relationships with key stakeholders (including relevant regulators, businesses, Non-Governmental Organizations and institutional and private investors);

13.  Develop and implement, in consultation with the Senior Director, an integrated investment and advisory support strategy for the AFDB’s activities, including country priorities and business targets for key industry groups, and key engagements, with a particular focus on High 5s and other high impact projects aligned with the Bank’s strategy to support the country’s development efforts;

14.  Lead/coordinate capacity building, to enable the country to engage with key actors involved in the country’s sustainable, inclusive and green development;

15.  Assess and provide advice to the Bank and to the Country with a special focus on addressing Fragility situation as appropriate and supporting climate resilient development in the country.

16.  Support the alignment of identified opportunities within the country strategy to the Bank’s High 5 priorities;

17.  Focus on ensuring quality and performance of the country portfolio; Ensure all reports and submissions are timely and of high quality; work jointly with relevant country teams and managers to meet key performance indicators assigned targets;

18.  Plan and supervise the administrative, financial and personnel support services required; prepare budget and financial reports; authorize expenditures, personnel actions, acquisitions and other administrative actions, and monitor the best possible contribution of the Action Time Recording System to the Cost Accounting System of the Bank.

19.  Initiate the necessary corrective actions to address all audit findings successfully and prevent any repeat thereof;

20.  Provide support to the Senior Director to perform high level engagement and dialogue with Diplomatic, Senior Government Officials, Ministry and Presidential representative to further the interest and mandate of AfDB.

21.  Provide a direct and indirect operational support that contributes to the output and mandate in the Country;

Selection Criteria

1.  Hold at least a Master's degree or its equivalent in Business Administration, International Relations, Political Sciences, Economics or any other relevant field;

2.  Have a minimum of eight (8) years of relevant professional experience, three (3) years of which should be in a management position or leadership role.

3.  Private sector experience will be an added advantage.

4.  A proven track record for origination and in managing the delivery of projects in at least one of the sectors/sub-sectors covered by the Division.

5.  A track record demonstrating a high-level expertise of project appraisal including environmental, social, economic and financial analysis and the provision of technical assistance to improve service delivery.

6.  Demonstrated experience in Agriculture project origination, financial and economic analysis, and financial structuring (project finance and corporate finance) in a multilateral financial institution with special focus on at least one of the sectors in the assigned Division.

7.  Experience in and strong understanding of socio-economic and development issues and dynamics in at least one of the sectors covered by the Division particularly in Africa and/or assigned region in Africa.

8.  Experience with working in a team oriented, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, international and professional environment.

9.  Track record of leading and developing teams and managing projects and programmes.

10.  Ability to research and produce innovative and creative approaches to activities in order to enhance performance and create added benefits to the Bank and its clients. 

11.  A strategic mind-set and the capacity to steer the Division’s agenda while empowering staff during a phase of institutional reforms and transformation towards greater country focus of the Bank’s activities.

12.  Ability to apply business knowledge to the resolution of problems and identifies solutions and manage multiple competing priorities to the benefit of the client (internal and external) and the organization.

13.  Ability to deploy first-rate interpersonal skills with ability to present and win support for ideas; a good listener with cultural sensitivity, commitment to diversity and capacity to initiate and manage innovations, creativity, and change.

14.  Possess strong analytical and communication skills, both verbally and in writing, with a sense of accuracy and attention to detail.

15.  Familiarity with strategies, policies, procedures and practices of multilateral development institutions.

16.  Comprehensive understanding of projects structures, including project planning, risk management strategy, issue management strategy, communication management strategy, lessons learned and handover, and other critical success factors, strategies, policies, procedures and practices of multilateral development banks.

17.  Acute knowledge and understanding of the elements essential for the effective delivery and measurement of development impacts through projects and programs in Africa.

18.  Highly developed negotiation skills proven to yield positive outcomes with senior counterparts, both internal and external, and understands when and how to apply tact, influence, maintain a hard line, make or break contacts, understand unwritten lines of influence and conduct oneself accordingly.

19.  Knowledgeable in the structuring and execution of debt and equity investments in the assigned sector projects and programmes.

20.  Ability to innovate, influence, and implement new country and regional integration strategy approaches essential to the operational effectiveness of the assigned Division and achievement of the clients’ development aspirations.

21.  Ability to take prudent business risks and make effective, timely and well-determined decisions.

22.  Ability to work under pressure in a multicultural organization.

23.  Networking ability required to build successful relationships and partnerships with a broad range of clients, internal and external, for effective delivery of results. 

24.  Capability for building a vision of how the division should be in terms of corporate culture/climate, broad objectives/goals/targets, then motivate and inspire staff to move forward as individuals, as a unit, and as upstanding Bank representatives. 

25.  Decisiveness in making sound decisions, knowing when to get counsel from whom and how to apply it, and being clear about what needs to happen, how, when and by whom, and monitoring/delegating as needed.

26.  Ability to deploy an active rather than a passive mind-set, looking in and outside the box and beyond what is immediately apparent, identifying opportunities that are clear and may be hidden, formulating approach strategy and turning it into an action plan.

27.  Excellent Professional written and verbal communications in English or French with a working knowledge of the other.

28.  Competence in the use of standard MS office applications (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint);



Should you encounter technical difficulties in submitting your application, please send an email with a precise description of the issue and/or a screenshot showing the problem, to: HR Direct HRDirect@AFDB.ORG  


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