Performance Analyst - Delivery Support and Implementation

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  • Position title: Performance Analyst - Delivery Support and Implementation
  • Grade: PL6
  • Position N°: 50068881
  • Reference: ADB/17/352
  • Publication date: 04/08/2017
  • Closing date: 23/08/2017
  • Country: Côte d’Ivoire



Established in 1964, the African Development Bank is the premier pan-African development institution, promoting economic growth and social progress across the continent. There are 80 member states, including 54 in Africa (Regional Member Countries).  The Bank’s development agenda is delivering the financial and technical support for transformative projects that will significantly reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable economic growth. In order to sharply focus the objectives of the Ten Year Strategy (2013 – 2022) and ensure greater developmental impact, five major areas (High 5s), all of which will accelerate our delivery for Africa, have been identified for scaling up, namely; energy, agro-business, industrialization, integration and improving the quality of life for the people of Africa.


The Senior Vice-President is responsible for supporting the President in the day-to-day management of the Bank Group to achieve it strategic objective, and drive performance culture that will align all processes and systems to deliver high impact results. The Senior Vice-President will provide effective leadership and exceptional coordination to ensure implementation and monitoring of key corporate decisions as well as the identification of necessary corrective measures and actions. The Senior Vice-President will lead senior management discussions, decisions-making process and the implementation of key board and management decisions.


Located within the Senior Vice Presidency Complex, the Department for Delivery, Performance Management and Results supports Senior Management in meeting African Development Bank’s development mandate, improving operational and corporate performance, accelerating the pace of delivery and increasing the Bank’s impact on development. As part of its mandate, it also works to strengthen the Bank’s, external and internal, accountability for results and promotes a performance-oriented culture across the organisation.

The Delivery Unit is responsible for driving delivery and performance improvements in critical priority areas of the Bank. It oversees, leads and coordinates operational performance management activities, provides early warning on areas of poor performance, to facilitate quick decision making and support organisational Units in delivering the Bank’s mandate.


The Performance Analyst sits at the heart of the team working to collect, extract, compile, and analyze data from multiple sources to deliver critical insights on delivery and performance in order to inform the decision making process. The incumbent is responsible for data collection, mining, and visualization for Business Intelligence (BI) reporting. The Performance Analyst contributes to the presentation of data to effectively inform Senior Management on current and projected Bank-wide operational and program performance for decision making purposes on specific Bank priority areas.  Within the Division, the incumbent supports the Performance Managers by analyzing, transforming the required data into a clear and compelling presentable formats such as charts, tables, and graphs to support and enhance effectiveness of performance dialogues with Management

Duties and responsibilities

Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, the Performance Analyst will:

1.  Design and update data collection systems, processes and templates.

2.  Establish and maintain working relationships with data focal points in Vice-Presidency Units (VPUs) to ensure timely submission in line with agreed standards.

3.  Define common standards for validation.

4.  Test data for consistency, coherence with previous submissions.

5.  Ensure formatting is respected and reformat as needed.

6.  Cross-check with other sources of data.

7.  Analyze, categorize and establish patterns, trends and correlations.

8.  Build coherent time series.

9.  Deduct future performance.

10.  Make projections based on a clear set of assumptions.

11.  Validate projections with relevant stakeholders and departments.

12.  Display data using infographics, bars, pies, heat maps, spark lines and fever charts to highlight the significance of performance trajectory, trends, patterns and correlation.

13.  Design and update Business Intelligence models based on users’ needs and requirements.

14.  Safeguard integrity of Business Intelligence models and underlying formulas.

15.  Assist in the automation of Business Intelligence Reports, in particular the Executive Dashboard and the Portfolio Flashlight.

16.  Develop and maintain a repository on performance data across platforms to ease access and ensure consistency, integrity, timeliness and completeness of performance data.

Selection Criteria

1.  Hold at least a Master's degree or its equivalent in Statistics, Management, Finance, Economics or other relevant fields.

2.  Have a minimum of four (4) years of relevant experience in data analytics and reporting.

3.  Experience working within the private sector is highly desirable.

4.  Attention to details.

5.  Ability to design from data and report innovative solutions or options for improvement.

6.  Analyses relationships among several parts of a problem or situation.

7.  Anticipates obstacles and thinks ahead about next steps.

8.  Takes responsibility for increasing breadth of knowledge and expertise.

9.  Proactively takes the initiative to make improvements in own environment.

10.  Excellent technical and analytical skills.

11.  Ability to use spreadsheets and IT Analytics packages and applications to manage large and complex data for business intelligence purposes.

12.  Expresses complex concepts, thoughts and ideas clearly through visual representation using judgement in the choice of angle for analyzing and displaying data, elements of correlation and trends requiring attention, choice of formats and visualization effects.

13.   Ability to use charting and layout data visualization software.

14.  Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, preferably with a working knowledge of the other language.

15.  Competent in the use of Bank ERP (SAP) and standard Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Excel and PowerPoint) Expertise in the use of SQL would be desirable.



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