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Employment of short term staff

The African Development Bank has returned to its Headquarters in Abidjan. From time to time, the Bank needs extra services provided by persons other than its permanent staff in order to assist with additional activities not projected in the normal work programme; replacement of regular personnel who are absent over long periods; and to occupy vacant positions within the time limits set by the Bank.

If you are looking for a short term opportunity in support functions at the Bank’s Headquarters (Abidjan), you may wish to register your CV on AfDB Short Term Staff Campaign.

Applications submitted are regarded as spontaneous and will be used to populate our database for short term opportunities in the Bank.

General competencies and profile sought

The areas, domains and related functions in which the Bank may recruit (not exhaustive) are the following:

  • Power, Energy, Climate and Green Growth;
  • Agriculture, Human and Social Development;
  • Private Sector, Infrastructure and Industrialization;
  • Economy
  • Statistics
  • Research
  • Governance and knowledge Management
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources and Corporate Services
  • Information Technology
  • Language Services
  • General Services & Procurement,
  • Web designing & Infographics
  • HR Management
  • Audit, Anti-corruption
  • Evaluation
  • Communication & External Relations
  • Public Relations/Diplomacy/International Relations
  • Marketing
  • Gender
  • Medical services

In various positions as follows:

  • Archivist
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Audiovisual Technician
  • Audit Assistant
  • Budget Assistant
  • Building Technician
  • Business Analyst
  • Catering, Logistics
  • Communications Assistant
  • Data Analyst in various fields
  • Data Entry Clerk/Assistant
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Driver
  • Event and Conference Management Assistant
  • Finance Assistant
  • Fixed Assets Management Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant (General Office Management)
  • Help Desk Assistant
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Information Technology Assistant
  • Information Security Assistant
  • Insurance Assistant
  • Legal Operations Assistant
  • Medical Services: Midwife, Nurse, Laboratory Assistant etc.
  • Operations and Administrative support in various fields
  • Portfolio data Analyst
  • Project Assistant
  • Procurement/Contracts Assistant
  • Protocol Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Statistics & Research Assistant
  • Security Assistant
  • Secretarial services
  • Travel Assistant
  • Training Assistant
  • Treasury Assistant
  • Web Designing Assistant
  • Others

The Bank aims to recruit candidates who possess the relevant academic background/training, experience, technical depth and breadth in the required disciplines.

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The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) does not ask for payments of any kind from applicants throughout the recruitment process (job application, CV review, interview meeting, and final processing of applications). In addition, the Bank does not request information on applicants’ bank accounts.

The African Development Bank Group declines all responsibility for the fraudulent publications of job offers in its name or, in general, for the fraudulent use of its name in any way whatsoever.