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Terms and conditions of employment

The terms and conditions of the short term appointment are stipulated in the letter of offer that will be signed by the new incomer and it picks up succinctly the following:

  • The duration of the contract is for a minimum of 15 days and the initial contract shall not exceed three (3) months.
  • Contracts may be renewed for further periods up to 24 months based on satisfactory performance and business needs.
  • The offer is made to persons who do not have any of the following relationships with a regular Bank staff member: father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter and spouse.
  • Prior to assumption of duty, the new short term staff will be required to provide a certificate of good health delivered by a medical doctor certified by the Bank. Where necessary, the Chief Medical Officer of the Bank shall re-examine the new incomer before his assumption of duty.
  • The contract may be renewed essentially based on the performance evaluation and the need for such short term services.
  • Confirmation of the offer of employment as short term staff is subject to a satisfactory medical examination, verification of relevant educational and professional certificates, verification of references and the production of a valid certificate of nationality or other proof of nationality.

Salary and benefits

The remuneration offered by the Bank is very competitive and is almost similar to the one of regular staff in the general category of the Bank, carrying out similar duties, in terms of salaries.

For a minimum duration of one (1) month contract, Short term staff is entitled to 1, 5 leave days per month and 1 day sick leave (not cumulative) per month in the event of illness and accident.

Short term staff are requested to take up their own medical insurance coverage which is not provided by the Bank. Evidence of the medical insurance will be required upon assumption of duty.

The Bank guarantees individual insurance policy covering accidents occurring in the working environment.