The Ten-Year Strategy for 2013-2022 places the Institution on a 10-year path to maintain its role as one of the key players in Africa's quest to achieve substantial economic growth while safeguarding, and promoting, social cohesion and development (Inclusive Growth) and transition to promoting the sustainable use of all natural resources (Green Growth). The twin objectives are supported by five operational priorities (infrastructure development, private sector development, regional economic integration, governance and accountability, and skills and technology) and three areas of cross-cutting emphasis (fragile states, food security and gender) in which the Bank has comparative advantage and trust. The Bank seeks to position itself at the 'center of Africa's transformation'.

The specific disciplines and specialist professional areas that are aligned to our Ten-Year Strategy (TYS) and our gender strategy are the following:

  • Economy: Development Research; Statistics
  • Operations I: Procurement & Fiduciary Services, Fragile States situations
  • Operations II: Agriculture & Agro Industry; Human Development; Governance; Water & Sanitation, Natural Resource Management
  • Operations III: Energy, Environment & Climate Change; Transport & ICT; Private Sector; Regional Integration and Trade
  • Strategy & Operational Policies
  • Results & Quality Assurance
  • Finance; Budget; Treasury; Resource Mobilization; Risk Management
  • Audit
  • General/Business Administration;
  • Human Resources Management
  • IT Services; IT Engineers; Security; IT Security
  • Protocol Services; Langage Services
  • Communication & External Relations
  • Gender
  • Corporate Lawyers
  • Translation / Interpretation

The Bank aims to select candidates possessing professional degrees in the above disciplines.