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Working with us

One of our greatest assets is our diversity and we are bound by shared values, committed to our mission and proud to be a leading development finance institution on the continent. While our size and range of business activities mean we have many different kinds of jobs and working environments, you will find the most important things that make us who we are right across our organization.

Whether working directly with our state participants or in our professional support areas, including information technology and operations, you will enjoy an environment of growth where talented people come together to lift millions out of poverty; a place where  people are valued and leaders care about winning together.

The AfDB gives you the opportunity to pursue rewarding and challenging work with skilled and supportive colleagues, learning and development opportunities, benefits that have the flexibility to meet your needs and are fair. Our competitive compensation rewards you for your work. Working at the AfDB is about bringing out the best in people.

An Inclusive Organization

Management is committed to ensuring fair representation of all member countries on the Bank’s staffing.  The Bank believes that the diversity of its staff composition provides a unique and sustainable basis for making the institution strong and flexible and for providing all nationals of its member states an opportunity to contribute effectively to its success. To achieve this objective, a systematic and structured approach to diversity is necessary.  The specific objectives of the diversity initiative are:

  • To attract high caliber candidates from under-represented member countries;
  • To attract and increase the number of women employees in the Bank;
  • To tap the various talents and competences in the human resource pool of its member countries for the purpose of achieving the Bank’s mission of alleviation of poverty on the African continent.

Varying Perks

The African Development Bank offers a competitive international remuneration package (salary and benefits), which includes a tax-free salary, full relocation, installation allowance, dependency allowances, education grant/education travel, comprehensive medical insurance coverage, staff retirement plan with generous employer contribution, group life insurance, annual leave and home leave.One of the most appreciated perks at the Bank is the organization's "flexibility with regard to working arrangements," which lets employees adjust their working schedule around their needs. The flexi-time program for staff is one of staff favored benefits. 


The Bank seeks to maintain its position as an employer of choice. Consequently, it offers an internationally competitive tax-free salary and benefits.

Staff Diversity Programme

The Bank’s recruitment policy as enshrined in staff rules is to attract staff who meet the highest standards of efficiency, technical competence and integrity irrespective of nationality, race, language, gender or religion. In other words, the policy is driven by the values of competition fairness and professionalism.

Staff Mobility Initiative

As part of its efforts to promote career enhancement of staff members and to create an environment that affords them the possibility of developing and maximizing their competencies and experiences, the AfDB has recently introduced the Staff Mobility Programme. The Staff Mobility Programme provides for the transfer of staff both within and between job families, within the limits of internal needs and requirements of the various departments. Transfers may be effected either at the initiative of the staff member or of the Bank. It provides opportunities for staff to get acquainted with Bank activities in a different framework and professional environment, and the acquisition of new skills. Such mobility is also an opportunity for the Bank, in its quest for excellence, to cultivate flexibility in the management of its human resources and to allow for constant reassessment of its work methods.