Features of the Program

Professional Experience

The first rotational assignment will be a ‘stretch’ or ‘learning’ rotation, intended to provide exposure to the Bank’s various departmental and developmental programs and processes. Individual work programs will reflect on-the-job learning that is central to the YPP.

The second rotational assignment will take place in one’s area of expertise or organizational unit (according to availability and demand) in which the YP hopes to remain for the mid to long term if selected on a competitive basis. The work program will provide a suitable level of experience and responsibility required to compete for a higher level position.   

YPs are expected to participate in missions and assignments in Field Offices for a certain period of time.

YP assignments span all departments and functions at the Bank. The following is a non-exhaustive list of assignments previous YPP participants have completed:

  • Project Implementation: hands on experience in designing, implementing, procuring and processing Bank projects.
  • Regional Integration: identifying and supporting cooperation between African states to promote growth, competitiveness and diversify economies.
  • Financial Analysis: developing country lending strategies.
  • Risk Management: providing advice on loan portfolio performance and managing currency, interest rates and liquidity risks.
  • Asset Management: managing Bank Group assets in the Treasury Department.
  • Capacity Building: conducting capacity building training courses in regional member countries.
  • Legal Services: providing legal advice and drafting loan and grant agreements.
  • Support: providing critical corporate functions from human resources management to communications and strategic planning.
  • Infrastructure: developing  and monitoring regional projects  in the four key areas of sanitation, energy, transport and telecommunications.
  • Private Sector: strategizing innovative partnerships and transactions to promote and assess private sector development and its impact.


  • Young Professional Orientation: a one week induction program where YPs are introduced to the Bank’s organizational units, operations and functions. This is intended to facilitate integration into the Bank’s daily routine.
  • Other training opportunities: trainings designed specifically for the Program participants as well as other general Bank-wide training courses/seminars. 

Coaching and Support

  • Mentoring: the Mentoring Program aims to build an efficient partnership between management and YPs in order to help young professionals gain the knowledge and skills they require to effectively contribute and be successful in the organization.
  • A “Buddy-System”: new YPs are assigned a “Buddy” from the previous YP cohort, who serves as a source of information and support during the YP’s familiarization with the Bank and country of assignment.
  • YPP Coordination Team: the YPP team is dedicated to the recruitment, training, performance evaluation and rotation management of the YP cohorts to ensure their successful completion of the Program.  
  • YP Liaison Team (YPLT):  two representatives are selected from the YP cohort and act as an active link between all YP cohorts and the YPP Coordination team in the HR Department.  The YPLT serves one year and also sits on the YPP Steering Committee.