The Young Professionals Program (YPP) at the African Development Bank Group is a Program that aims at attracting highly qualified and motivated professionals from its member countries, for a productive and rewarding career path in development. Candidates to the Program have to be committed to development of Africa, and must have demonstrated outstanding academic and professional achievement, as well as effective team work and leadership potential.

Through the YPP, the Bank aims to ensure continuity and excellence in both the management of its work programs and the provision of policy advice to its regional member countries. Young Professionals have the opportunity to work on programs that cover the continent and be at the forefront of exciting Bank initiatives that are helping to shape Africa’s future.

We have been running the YPP since 2008, targeting the best available talent in our niche - young professionals with a passion for development in Africa. This three-year program is not an internship; rather it offers an exceptional opportunity to talented young professionals with leadership potential, an established record of outstanding academic and professional achievement, a commitment to engagement in crucial issues and to making a difference at the national or international level. The YPP includes a rigorous program of activities that prepares participants to be development professionals with notable impact.

Strategic Focus areas of the Program

The Ten-Year Strategy for 2012-2022 places the Institution on a 10-year path to maintain its role as one of the key players in Africa’s quest to achieve substantial economic growth while safeguarding, and promoting, social cohesion and development (Inclusive Growth) and transition to promoting the sustainable use of all natural resources (Green Growth). The twin objectives are supported by five operational priorities (infrastructure development, private sector development, regional economic integration, governance and accountability, and skills and technology) and three areas of cross-cutting emphasis (fragile states, food security and gender) in which the Bank has comparative advantage and trust. The Bank seeks to position itself at the ‘center of Africa’s transformation’.

The specific disciplines and specialist professional areas that are aligned to our Ten-Year Strategy (TYS) and our gender strategy are the following:

  1. Financial Sector Development
    • Public and Private Sector Financial Management, Knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards, International Public Sector Accounting Standards and International Standards on Auditing, International Capital Markets, Environmental Finance.
    • Actuarial Science, Investment Management and Analysis, Accounting, Financial Audit
  2. Natural Resource Management
    • Water resource management, Environmentalist, Forestry specialist.
    • Climate change, Infrastructure financing, Energy economist.
  3. Gender Analysis and Integration
    • ICT and Gender, Women in oil and gas, Gender economist.
  4. Political Economy Analysis - Fragile States and Situations
    • Regional integration, Political Economy analysis, Public policy.
    • Macro Economist, Government financial management, development policy and operations.
  5. Corporate Lawyers
    • Public and private sectors operations.
    • Administrative affairs.
  6. Engineers
    • Architect, Transport economist, ICT specialist, Agro-industry.

The Bank aims to recruit candidates possessing the technical depth and professional breadth in a number of disciplines.