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Testimonials from the current YPs

As a Young Professional, you will work on programs that cover the continent and be at the forefront of exciting Bank initiatives that are shaping Africa’s future. The program will prepare you to be a development professional with a notable impact.

Olufunso S, Nigeria, YPP 2011 (Senior Policy Analyst –RDGE)

“There is no better time to be part of what I call a ‘movement’ in Africa – new economic opportunities, improved governance systems and a new wave of burgeoning entrepreneurship. Joining the YP Program of the African Development Bank has offered me a great opportunity to be part of this movement. The Program creates an environment for you to both learn and contribute to development business, including lending and non-lending operations. The wealth of expertise and experience within the Bank in providing technical assistance to regional member countries is just amazing. Working for AfDB, Africa’s premier financial institution, brings you to the forefront of discourses on the policy and economic choices that countries have to make in achieving sustainable development outcomes. What I cherish most about my experience so far in the Program is the exposure to the world of system-thinking in proffering lasting solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges in our countries and continent.”

Rosemond O., Ghana, YPP 2010 (Poverty Economist –AHHD2)

If you are looking forward to a stirring development career particularly in Africa, the YP Program with the AfDB is certainly a profound choice, as it affords a wealth of benefits and invaluable opportunities in a professional and stimulating learning environment. Once you get onboard, you can capitalize on the flexibility of expanding and complementing your skills set by working and learning from different aspects of the Bank where diverse and seasoned experts also contribute to exciting development initiatives. The Bank’s focused and passionate commitment to the continent’s development exposes you to the realities of dealing with contemporary socio-economic challenges. There are also opportunities for on the job training to improve your understanding of the Bank’s operations and procedures and other career development training. As a YP, using my skills and experiences and developing it further to contribute to efforts at reducing inequalities and poverty to promote inclusive growth in Africa is certainly a great fulfillment in my career.

Succès A., Chad, YPP 2010

The AfDB’s YP Program is rewarding in three mains ways. First, it is about being in a “starting block” with men and women from 78 different countries at the forefront of development on the African continent. It is about concrete projects, like being tasked to design and implement projects dealing with African energy challenges for countries which have electricity access rates ranging from  two percent to 98 percent, which are post conflict or middle income. This Program is also strategic and intellectually rewarding when you can contribute to the definition of the Bank’s strategies and policies. From inside, I can tell you this; if you want to contribute to the development of Africa and you want to discover before choosing a specific career, the YPP is the appropriate door!

Anton L G, Spain, YPP 2011

“The YPP is a unique opportunity for young professionals from all over the world with a passion for development and a commitment to improve the lives of ordinary Africans. As a YP at AfDB you are exposed on a daily basis not only to the critical challenges but also the extraordinary opportunities that the continent is currently facing. The Program is quite challenging as it pushes you to take risks and step out from your comfort zone to become a well-rounded development practitioner, but the challenge is definitively worth taking on!”

Pointer C., Zimbabwe, YPP 2010

In my experience, The YP Program is a three in one program that provides a rare opportunity to hone technical skills at the highest level, gain significant experience at the frontline of African development whilst also allowing one to acquire new skills in a variety of areas spread across the Bank through the rotation system. The reality is that Africa is on the rise and the Bank is playing a significant role.  Before joining the Bank, I was yearning to come back to the continent to make a contribution to the African renaissance, and the YP program offered that great opportunity which suited my aspirations. This is an opportunity I would still not pass for anything else at this juncture in my career. 

Kazuhiro N., Japan, YPP 2010

This is a perfect opportunity for those who are results-oriented and like tackling challenges. It’s an occasion to learn swiftly in order to produce quality outputs and make tangible impacts on the ground while following your passion for development. Personally, it was a good entry point for me to help reduce poverty on the continent after experience with developing countries in other regions. Africa and the African Development Bank need diverse skills and experiences to resolve remaining and emerging challenges and therefore, you can find many occasions where you can make valuable contributions. It’s been intensive and enjoyable (clearly not easy even without mentioning the revolution in Tunisia) however, visiting rural areas of many countries across the continent, designing and implementing projects while consulting high-level officials or prominent sponsors and investors, developing strategic reports, participating and contributing to the 10 year long-term strategy of the institution within less than 15 months are clearly unique experiences to the Bank. 

Keiko T., Japan, YPP 2009 (Graduated)

The AfDB's YP Program is a fantastic and unique learning platform and excellent for young professionals who are willing to work at the forefront of development in Africa. It is offering me the opportunity to work with high caliber and fine colleagues from diverse backgrounds, hone new skills and further develop others - not only related to my field of specialization. I am particularly grateful that I have been assigned the position of task team leader on many policy- and strategy-related projects and on a number of operational projects. I have also had the opportunity to work on initiatives to strengthen and expand the AfDB's partnerships with other MDBs, donors and stakeholders.

Tanja F., Germany, YPP 2009 (Graduated)

The YP experience is all what you make out of it. The program is an ideal fit for independent and driven professionals who have gained their first professional experiences. The AfDB as Africa’s premier finance institution is an excellent place to contribute to Africa’s development.

Sofien L., Tunisia, YPP 2009

I chose the YP Program at the AfDB to maximize my exposure to a wide range of development issues across different sectors and countries and gain experience in areas that did not necessarily match my professional or academic backgrounds. Achieving this while contributing to a great cause was key in my decision to apply to the Program.

Six months into my second rotation, I can safely say that the YPP has been a definite eye-opening experience. I have been able to build knowledge and expand my skills in ways that I would have hardly found elsewhere, often taking me outside my comfort zone, which is a unique way to grow personally and professionally. 

As I see it, the YP Program offers a select few the unique opportunity to get to know the premier development finance institution in Africa inside and out, while at the same time, providing the tools and flexibility to map out one's own career path in the development business. I strongly recommend the AfDB’s YP Program to anyone eager to take part in this noble mission.