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Testimonials from the former YPs

As a Young Professional, you will work on programs that cover the continent and be at the forefront of exciting Bank initiatives that are shaping Africa’s future. The program will prepare you to be a development professional with a notable impact.

Sandrine Alissoutin, Principal Quality Assurance Officer

While joining the Bank in 2008, I was really looking forward to contributing to alleviating poverty in Africa. Having spent 11 years within the institution, I remain excited and eager to bring more of my expertise to improve the living conditions of Africans. The Bank is a fantastic place to be, owing not only to its cultural diversity but also, given that it offers an unique opportunity to learn and acquire new skills. I always argue that the YP program is the best entry point in the African Development Bank. Indeed, the program provides participants with a quite broad overview of the development finance business. I personally enjoyed the 3- year rotation period during which I was in charge of loan disbursement, financial analysis & modeling for private sector operations & portfolio management for energy projects in Eastern and Southern African countries. This prepared me to continue the journey as an Additionality and Development Outcomes Assessment (ADOA) Officer over almost five years, and then a quality assurance Officer since 2018.


Ndoli Kalumiya, Senior Country Economist

As a Young Professional (YP) at the Bank from 2010-2013 I had both the privilege and pleasure of working on transformational projects and programs on the continent and interacting with committed, dynamic and highly knowledgeable colleagues across the organization. From the outset of the Program, you are exposed to numerous functions and initiatives of the Bank and other development partners. For instance, I was assigned to the multi-disciplinary project team that designed and implemented the Bank’s largest budget support operation for Tunisia at the time (2011), during my first rotation in the Bank. You are empowered with high level responsibilities and tasked to fulfill the Bank’s mandate in supporting the socio-economic development of Africa.  Fellow YPs were a delight to meet and work with. The diverse cultural and professional backgrounds of the other YPs made the program even more enriching and rewarding.


Jerome Berndt, Senior Fragility & Resilience Officer

The YP Program at the African Development Bank is a unique opportunity to learn and contribute at the same time, challenge yourself and grow as development expert. Throughout your rotations you will benefit from excellent exposure (e.g. work with senior management), support your exceptionally qualified peers, co-lead and lead projects as well as assignments that have a very concrete impact on the lives of Africans. For me, I was able to join the Jobs for Youth in Africa team in AHHD at a time when the new Strategy was crafted, become the Task Manager for a Strengthening Institutions Project in Somalia, work with our East and West African Regional Hubs and on Trust Funds and Co-Financing during my rotation in RDVP Front-Office, among many other exciting initiatives, before ‘graduating’ in RDTS: more than 250 million Africans are affected by fragility and it is very rewarding to help our regional member countries in their efforts to boost resilience. This certainly involves strengthened partnerships and the private sector. The YP Program was the ideal entry point to prepare me for my current role and beyond.


Erick Mariga, Senior Policy Analyst

I am making my dreams come true at AfDB. I joined the Bank in March 2016 as a Young Professional from NEPAD - a specialized development Agency of the African Union. When the opportunity arose to join the Young Professionals Programme (YPP), I embraced it as it provided me with an opportunity to marry my personal interests with a compelling mission and cause. Through intensive rotations, the Bank has afforded me the opportunity to work on exciting assignments particularly within the Transition States Coordination Office. The Bank is unique in being a multilateral development bank that hosts public and private sector operations under the same roof. The YPP buddy system is designed to make sure that young professionals easily blend into the Bank without any hitches. If you have innovative ideas and knowledge that can improve the lives of many in the continent and you want to work at a place where knowledge and ideas matter, then you must join the AfDB YP Programme.