Current Solicitations

The list contains solicitations for goods, works and services for which open competition is used.While the solicitations are posted in one of the two official languages of the Bank, the prospective bidders from eligible member countries may respond in either English or French.  Any specific questions related to the solicitation should be addressed to the contact information provided in the solicitation document.

The bidders are responsible for checking and downloading any updates, amendments, response to clarifications or any other information related to specific solicitation that they are interested in.

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Title Publish Date Deadline Date
Acquisition, implementation, maintenance and training of SAP lease administration software solution by NAKISA (SAP-LAN)
08/10/2018 25/10/2018
Diverses prestations de services de la Banque africaine de développement
01/10/2018 25/10/2018
Demande de proposition pour l’exploitation et la Maintenance des installations et équipements de plomberie sanitaire de l’immeuble du Siège à Abidjan
21/09/2018 22/10/2018
Diverses prestations de services pour le bureau de la Banque africaine de développement pour Madagascar
01/09/2018 21/09/2018
Recrutement d’une agence immobilière pour l’identification d’espaces à usage de bureau professionnel pour le compte du bureau de l’Afrique centrale à Yaoundé de la Banque africaine de développement
30/08/2018 17/09/2018
Request for Proposal for the provision of facilities management services for the African Development Bank offices in Abuja, Nigeria
17/08/2018 27/09/2018
Location de main d’œuvre et de services de déménagement pour la Banque africaine de développement à Abidjan
08/08/2018 30/08/2018
Fourniture et installation d’une connexion internet par fibre optique au bureau de Cotonou
03/08/2018 30/08/2018
Prestation de services de gardiennage et de surveillance des locaux de la Banque africaine de développement à Cotonou
03/08/2018 30/08/2018
Prestation de services de nettoyage et entretien des locaux du bureau de la Banque africaine de développement à Cotonou
03/08/2018 30/08/2018
Outfitting of the Country Office of the African Development Bank in Sudan-Khartoum
27/07/2018 30/08/2018
Fourniture, installation, configuration, formation, integration et maintenance d'une solution d'affichage dynamique du network
25/07/2018 27/08/2018
Provision and Installation of Security Devices and Network Switches for the Parliament of Egypt
20/07/2018 13/08/2018
Provision of Information and Technology (IT) Service Provider for the African Development Bank Regional Office
19/07/2018 31/08/2018
Provision of Storage and Auctionning Services in South Africa, Pretoria Office
19/07/2018 31/08/2018
Provision of Internet Based Network Solution for Pretoria Office
19/07/2018 31/08/2018
Provision of Facilities Management and Maintenance Services for the African Development Bank Offices in Pretoria, South Africa
19/07/2018 17/08/2018
Framework for Supply Installation and Maintenance of Office Furniture for South Africa Regional Office
19/07/2018 31/08/2018
Provision of Cleaning and Janitorial Services for the African Development Bank Based in Centurian, Pretoria
19/07/2018 31/08/2018
Tender for Printing Services and Supply of Promotional Articles for the African Development Bank
18/07/2018 31/07/2018