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AfDB's Strategy for 2013–2022


The African Development Bank’s Strategy for 2013–2022 reflects the aspirations of the entire African  continent. It is firmly rooted in a deep understanding and experience of how far Africa has come in  the last decade, and where it wishes to go to in the next.

Africa has embarked on a process of economic transformation. This process has seen solid and  sustained growth over a decade, but it has been uneven and without a sufficiently firm foundation, and it is not—by any estimation—complete.

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This ten-year Strategy will focus on two objectives to improve the quality of Africa’s growth: inclusive growth, and the transition to green growth.

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Transforming to support transformation

This Strategy reflects Africa’s vision for itself—a vision of transformation that is achievable.

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Operational priorities

The Strategy outlines five main channels for the Bank to deliver its work and improve the quality of growth in Africa:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Regional economic integration
  • Private sector development
  • Governance and accountability
  • Skills and technology

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Areas of special emphasis

In implementing its ten-year Strategy, the Bank will pay particular attention to:

  • Fragile states
  • Agriculture and food security
  • Gender.


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