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The African Development Bank’s Strategy for 2013–2022 reflects the aspirations of the entire African  continent. It is firmly rooted in a deep understanding and experience of how far Africa has come in  the last decade, and where it wishes to go to in the next.

Africa has embarked on a process of economic transformation. This process has seen solid and  sustained growth over a decade, but it has been uneven and without a sufficiently firm foundation, and it is not—by any estimation—complete.

This Strategy is designed to place the Bank at the center of Africa’s transformation and to improve the quality of Africa’s growth. It aims to broaden and deepen that process of transformation, mainly by ensuring that growth is shared and not isolated, for all African citizens and countries, not just for some. It also aims to bring about growth that is not just environmentally sustainable, but also economically empowering. When growth is inclusive as well as “green”, it creates the jobs that the continent needs now and that it will need in ever greater numbers as millions more young people enter the job market, with energies and aspirations to match.

The Bank’s vision is thus Africa’s vision, and its future is Africa’s future. The Bank’s many successes  reflect the successes of the continent it serves—while the gaps in its achievements reflect the  impediments to true transformation across its regional member countries. The goal of a regionally integrated and economically diverse Africa—determined to include young and old, women and men,
rural and urban communities alike, while being increasingly green—will establish Africa as the next global emerging market. The African Development Bank will be its development voice and its  development partner of choice.

The Strategy is built around two objectives, supported by five operational priorities in which the Bank  has unmatched advantage, expertise, access and trust.