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Support transformation

Transforming to support transformation

The Bank is a unique proposition: as an African organization serving Africans, it is a motor for  economic progress and integration, and the voice of Africa and African development across the  continent—and far beyond. It is already well on the way to increasing its development effectiveness through increased decentralization to field offices, strategically focused areas of engagement and a  strong balance sheet with a high risk-bearing capacity. All this has contributed to consistently  maintaining the AAA rating by which its African and global reputation is assured.

The Bank must continue to evolve to stay relevant. It has to become more decentralized, integrated, efficient, effective and results-oriented, measuring its progress by real improvements on the ground. It must also continue to streamline its business processes—operational, institutional and budgetary. And it must strengthen its roles as an adviser, knowledge broker, catalyst and convener.

This, then, is the ten-year Strategy of the African Development Bank—of Africa’s bank. It reflects Africa’s vision for itself—a vision of transformation that is achievable. “At the center of Africa’s transformation”, the Bank will measure success by the lasting changes it brings to the lives of the African people.