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Ombudsman Unit


The Ombudsman (OMBU) is a designated neutral and impartial dispute resolution practitioner, whose major function is to provide independent, confidential and informal assistance to all staff on grievances and complaints related to human resources and work place issues. The office will facilitate conflict resolution between staff members and management through the use of mediation and conciliation or other appropriate means.

The Ombudsman has no formal decision making powers, but will advise and make recommendations to the President and other affected managers or staff.

Reporting Relationships

The Ombudsman reports to the President and is independent of any official or organ of the Bank.

Principal Activities

  • provide staff with consultations and advice on issues or problems affecting professional matters or employment conditions in the Bank.  These include, but are not limited to, working conditions, job content, relationship with other staff/supervisors, performance evaluation, salary review, career development, benefits administration, harassment and professional ethics;
  • assist in identifying solutions or options to resolve specific issues in an impartial and equitable manner through discussions and consultations with all levels of staff, and have access to any staff record or relevant Bank documents or records;
  • prepare and submit to senior management and the responsible or affected organizational units, reports containing comments and recommendations on any shortcomings identified in human resource policies, procedures and practices in the Bank;
  • provide on-going education and communication about the office’s role to all potential inquirers as well as to the senior management of the Bank;
  • prepare an annual report of the types of matters handled and results achieved or accomplishments made during the preceding year. The report shall describe in general terms the issues dealt with and the outcome of the Ombudsman’s intervention. It shall be available to staff and Management upon publication; and
  • ensure the confidentiality of all information and documentation made available to him and maintain appropriate confidential records of all complaints and other matters handled by him or her in the discharge of his/her duties.

Key Interactions

Internal interfaces:

  • all staff members on settlement of their grievances and on provision of advice;
  • all Managers on use of mediation, conciliation or other appropriate means to resolve conflict between them and their staff;
  • senior management and Heads of concerned organizational units on any shortcomings identified in human resources policies, procedures and practices;
  • Appeals Committee and Administrative Tribunal for collaboration purposes.

External interfaces:

  • Peers in other international institutions and organizations to network on methods and best practices in the profession. (e.g. the United Nations organization, the World Bank, etc.); and
  • Professional Associations in the field world- wide to network on best practices.

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