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Strategy and Operational Policies Department (SNSP)

The Strategy and Operational Policies Department (SNSP) plays a key role in shaping a corporate vision and a strategic perspective for the African Development Bank (AfDB) as well as developing the strategies and operational policies aimed at guiding the Bank’s agenda.  

Reporting to the Senior Vice President (SVP), the Department is responsible for: (i) developing and helping maintain (along with other units) corporate strategies and operational policies necessary for the Bank to deliver the High 5 priorities, and other strategies; (ii) playing a prominent role in keeping the Bank a strategy-focused organization in line with its policies;  (iii) supporting the Bank in raising its profile and engaging strategically at international fora, as well as to foster cross-fertilization and greater coordination with other MDBs ; and, (iv) leading the Bank in the development of a new culture of innovation and change, including the incubation of new financial/non-financial  products and business lines. 

Below are the main activities of SNSP:

  • To develop a corporate vision and a strategic perspective for the Bank;
  • To formulate, revise and provide advice on the Bank Group’s corporate and operational policies; maintain and regularly update Bank Group’s policy suite;
  • To develop Bank Group’s corporate strategies as well as related sector work; ensure strategic alignment of operational activities with the Bank Group’s strategic priorities, encapsulated in  the High 5s;
  • To aintain and update the Bank Group classification of its Regional Member Countries based on their eligibility for its concessional and non-concessional windows, taking full account of the countries’ creditworthiness and risk situation; 
  • To provide support to the Operations Committee (OPSCOM), notably by contributing to the preparation of Board documents to ensure that policies and investment proposals are aligned with Bank strategy and mandate;a
  • To provide analytical and technical support as well as advice on major development trends, notably by identifying emerging international issues and anticipating development finance trends; 
  • To promote cooperation with the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and other development partners on development issues; and 
  • To act as an internal incubator for innovative corporate and operational level strategic initiatives.