Strategy Office (STRG)

The Strategy Office (STRG) contributes to policy and strategy development, including annual plans, Medium-Term Strategy (MTS) and longer-term policy and strategy. STRG advises the President and Senior Management on strategy and policy issues for the Bank; assists with communication of the strategy to all stakeholders; monitors and facilitates implementation of related Presidential decisions.

STRG does not have direct responsibility for operations but will serve as a point of liaison between the Office of the President and the rest of the Bank on policy and strategy matters. The Strategy Office works with all relevant units in ensuring greater strategic focus in decision-making and improved alignment of resources with strategic priorities.

The Office is tasked to oversee the following:

  • Lead longer term policy and strategy development, including the Medium Term Strategy (MTS) and annual plans for the Bank;
  • Assist VPUs in developing VPU level Policy and Strategy in line with overall corporate Strategy;
  • Maintain reliable intelligence information on development issues in Africa and elsewhere of potential impact or representing opportunities for the Bank;
  • Advise the President on issues and developments in Regional and Non-Regional member states which impact on the Bank and its performance;
  • Prepare strategic papers and briefing notes for the President’s meetings and discussions;
  • Prepare agenda and papers for discussion at Retreats with President, VPs, Chief Economist and Advisers;
  • Provide analytical and policy advice support to the President on long term strategic initiatives;
  •  Advise the President on strategic partnerships and discussions with key bilateral and multilateral partners; including on the conduct of ADF replenishments and GCI exercises;
  • Advise President on strategy and conduct of ADF replenishments, and on institutional reforms
  • Engage with, and advise on, policy papers prepared outside PRST.