Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Vice Presidency (CSVP) is responsible for human resources, administration, information technology and language services. The complex carries out its mandate with a complement of 137 Professional Level (PL) and 148 General Service (GS) staff. Current reforms within the complex are at the centre of a broader set of reforms undertaken by the AfDB with the overarching goal of enhancing development effectiveness and delivering better results for Regional Member Countries (RMCs).

In supporting the Bank’s strategic intent, CSVP aims at aligning itself with the core business by becoming a trusted, service-oriented partner, exceeding its clients’ expectations. CSVP is focused on achieving tangible and measurable results, being accountable and creating an enabling environment for the AfDB to accomplish its mission. The complex aims at delivering quality, value-adding services and it is committed to promoting good governance, cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.The complex is organized as follows:

General Services and Procurement Department (CGSP)

  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Corporate Procurement
  • Support Services

Human Resources Management Department (CHRM)

  • Staff Planning & Recruitment
  • Compensation, Benefits & Compliance
  • Staff Development & Training
  • Staff Health & Welfare

Corporate Information Management and Methods Department (CIMM)

  • Business Solution Development & Program Management (CIMM1. Named: CIMM Solutions)
  • Corporate Application Services (CIMM2. Named: CIMM Apps)
  • Network & Telecom Services (CIMM3. Named: CIMM Infrastructure)
  • Data Centers & Field Office Services (CIMM4. Named: CIMM Regions)
  • Client Services (CIMM5. Named: CIMM Service)

Business Continuity

The Business Continuity Planning Unit is responsible for assuring the Bank Group’s readiness to respond to events that have the potential to disrupt its normal operations. The interruptions could arise from a broad spectrum of internal and external events or threats that may be human related, technological or natural.