Corporate Human Resources Management Department (CHRM)

The Human Resources Management Department is committed to ensuring that the Bank attracts, recruits, develops, retains and sustains a high performing, diverse work force by developing and implementing progressive human resource management policies and strategies.  

The department takes leadership in fostering a positive work environment that places high value on professional and collaborative work relationships while recognizing the importance of individual contributions. It encourages and maintains open communication channels within the Bank as a reliable resource to managers and employees who have questions or issues relating to workplace policies and procedures.

Staff Planning and Recruitment Division

  • Ensure a recruitment and selection of a high quality diverse work force for the Bank;
  • attract and develop young talent by means of the Young Professionals Programme;
  • Forecast staffing requirements; plan for and coordinate all staffing needs, organizational design and structures.
  • Provide emerging talent with the opportunity to acquire professional and practical experience through the internship Programme.

Compensation, Benefits and Compliance

  • Develop, implement and maintain competitive and equitable compensation and benefits policies and programmes that enable the Bank to attract, recruit, motivate and retain highly qualified people;
  • responsible for job classification and management of merit-based pay system in line with Bank’s policy of reinforcing pay for better performance;
  • lead in identification and recommendation of competitive pay and rewards systems in line with the current trends in similar organizations.

Staff Development and Training Division

  • Design and implement staff development and training plans to ensure that Bank staff have the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies and are continuously being developed for performance excellence in their current and future responsibilities;
  • lead the Bank’s performance management system and manage the talent and succession planning for the organization;
  • ensure career development programs that are relevant to the Bank’s strategic objectives.

Employee Health and Welfare

  • Provide innovative and quality health services, comprehensive medical coverage, wellness and social programs;
  • promote the personal development, physical and mental wellbeing of staff and improving quality of life;
  • create flexible, conducive and healthy work environment and assist staff to better manage their health and balance life needs with their professional careers.