Staff Health & Welfare Division

The key responsibilities for Staff Health and Welfare Division is to provide quality and timely health and welfare services; consultations, referral and advice to the Bank staff and their dependents designed to assist staff to avoid interruption on their jobs and to prevent conditions (physical, mental or social) that will keep staff away from giving their full attention to their work. This is principally done through preventive; early detection, curative, counseling and welfare services. The division's health center  provides emergencies and first aid care in addition to limited health care services. The division takes leadership in ensuring that all persons working for and with the Bank are in good health (physically, mentally and socially); and working in a safe, health and friendly environment. The division is responsible for overseeing specialized medical evacuations, pre-employment physicals, workability examinations, laboratory testing and work-related injury and illness assessments.

The activities of the division are detailed as follows:

  • develop, review, establish and implement health, safety and welfare policies, systems, and strategies that assure a safe, health and conducive working environment at the AfDB;
  • provide medical consultations, nursing; clinical laboratory services and treatment; and ensure a safe working environment for AfDB approved elected officers; the staff and their recognized dependants; and contractors and consultants as per current regulations and guidelines;
  • provide information and counsel on health, safety and welfare to assist employees in their work lives thereby providing an environment that optimizes work performance and productivity;
  • ensure timely implementation of quality health and welfare services within approved policies, guidelines and procedures;
  • develop, review existing practices and propose new policies and strategies health and welfare at the Bank;
  • provide a safe working environment and minimize occupational hazards to all persons working with the Bank;
  • initiate and provide social services and amenities that promote social integration and well-being at work and alleviate impact (including sports and recreational facilities; counseling and post-recovery services, housing related concerns, settling in etc.);
  • assess and determine compensation and benefits arising out of health related areas in line with existing policy; procedures and regulations;
  • provide pre-employment medical assessments as well as periodic health assessments to the staff;  recommend and arrange referral (locally and abroad) for the staff of the Bank Group and their dependants including medical evacuation;
  • provide emergency medical care and services within the Bank Headquarters (First Aid, medical attention);
  • promote and provide preventive health care programs (including vaccinations; immunizations etc.) and undertake periodic health assessment of staff and their recognized dependants for early detection and prevention of illnesses;
  • devise and institute mechanisms; procedures and good practices that promotes for monitoring; supervision; and coordination of safety and hygiene at the work place and prevention of occupational hazards (this will include manuals; pamphlets; signals etc). These includes spot-checks on offices; toilets; restaurant and kitchen to ensure maintenance of hygiene;
  • develop and provide a comprehensive social welfare package including counseling; stress management; post recovery and settling in services;
  • maintain medical records that respects clients’ privacy without jeopardizing Bank’s responsibilities and decisions;
  • adjudicate medical matters (sick leave; health status; fitness for duty etc) and administer in house health insurance plan; and maintain health information system;
  • assist staff to acquire and develop of health seeking attitudes, insights and understanding about themselves and their environment that are necessary for conducive life. The goal is to help staff become equipped with personal-social skills, able to adapt to changing work and life demands, possessing a variety of coping skills and problem solving capabilities;
  • register the services providers and facilities and regular supervision of their premises and assessment of the quality of services. This is intended to safe guard the Staff health while ensuring that the Bank gets value for money;
  • devise and maintain mechanisms; procedures and practices for monitoring; supervision and coordination of safety and hygiene at the workplace and prevention of occupational hazards. This will include developing and maintaining a health and safety manual for the Bank and manuals, pamphlets,  signals, etc);
  • undertake research and investigation in the different kinds of occupational hazards befalling staff from time to time and take appropriate measures to correct them and set in motion mechanisms to prevent their recurrence;
  • automate routine and clerical work under Project Africa- SAP especially in medical records and health claims;
  • facilitate staff and their recognized dependants settling in the country and provide social and family services that promote and facilitate social integration and alleviate impact of culture shock and change.

Key Interactions

Internal interfaces

  • all departments and units with regards to the above detailed activities of the division;
  • General Services and Procurement Department and Safety Organizations for promoting occupational safety and health training for staff;
  • managers and staff by providing expert health, welfare and counseling advice and consultancy.

External interfaces

  • other Health Service Providers (local and international);
  • leading international health and welfare providers and health training institutions on new medical and health developments.