Corporate Information Management and Methods Department

The role of CIMM is to provide efficient, effective and modern IT infrastructure and application services to support, optimize and transform Bank's business process for developing Africa.

CIMM aims to deliver reliable and innovative IT services and solutions needed to fulfill the Bank’s mission anytime, anywhere, on target, on time and on budget. CIMM is also a Business  Solution Partner that is customer-centric, business-oriented, innovation-focused and standards compliant.

The high level objectives of the new CIMM modernized and fit for purpose structure (5 divisions, Sept. 2013) are:

Business Solution Development & Program Management (CIMM1. Named: CIMM Solutions)

Provides an active and effective ISSC process (acting as the ISSC Secretariat), a Planning & Administration capability which supports the whole of CIMM, the applications solutions development capability for the whole department, and oversees the management of the CIMM Portfolio within the Bank through its PMO.

Corporate Application Services (CIMM2. Named: CIMM Apps)

Provides production support and specialist expertise in the application systems used by the Bank and Systems Engineering and Database Administration support.

Network & Telecom Services (CIMM3. Named: CIMM Infrastructure)

Responsible for the Bank’s IT infrastructure and provides  technical advices to programs and projects requiring network and telecommunications expertise. Deep technical expertise to provide 2nd and 3rd level support for the IT infrastructure.

Data Centers & Field Office Services (CIMM4. Named: CIMM Regions)

Operates the CIMM Data Centers and provide local, on-site support to the Regional Resource Centers (RRCs) and Field Offices (FOs). Provision of the physical IT infrastructure and of services to HQ, the BCP sites, the RRCs and the FOs. Provides 2nd and 3rd level infrastructure support for the user community, working closely with 1st level service providers (Client Services and Field Offices).

Client Services (CIMM5. Named: CIMM Service)

Provides quality IT services to Bank staff through the Service Desk and Client Technologies Team. Ensures that Bank staff have access to Bank IT services, client devices and systems as required to perform their role. Ensures a demonstrable continuous improvement in the IT services provided by CIMM.